15 multiplayer browser games to play right now

PC Gamer: The internet is a scary place. It’s a place full of information, far too much for any one person to absorb even a fraction. It’s a place that caters to every desire, however depraved and esoteric. It’s a place full of other people. Isn’t that terrifying?

And, more than that, you’re expected to interact with these people. Have discussions, comment on articles you’ve all read, and troll one another. It’s enough to make that hermetic ideal of cave living, where you only have to worry about which end of the skunk to eat first, look most appealing. But it’s ok, I’m here to help.

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SlickShoes2774d ago

The unity engine is quite impressive but I have yet to play anything that engaging using it. Trying out Quake now though to see how it is!