BioWare describes Mass Effect 3's 'full-scale war feel', 'ugly' plot

CVG - BioWare's described in detail the feelings it plans to evoke with Mass Effect's final episode, which it says will - at the beginning at least - feel "hopeless", "ugly" and like a "full-scale war".

Speaking in the US Game Informer reveal (hit the link for all the Mass Effect 3 details), executive producer Casey Hudson said the third game will continue the dark tone of Mass Effect 2.

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MagicAccent2804d ago

I just hope it won't all be 'EPIC'.

I want some mundane stuff to do as well :P

rabidpancakeburglar2805d ago

god damn, i want this game now. maybe I can be cryogenically frozen until november so that I don't have to wait

jrbeerman112804d ago

that may not work out you may be frozen too long and then have to prank call yourself in the past to try and prevent yourself from freezing yourself. fyi

interrergator2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

so basically really hard choices garrus might die you might die reapers might win

therapist2804d ago

I'll believe it when i see it!

Mass Effect 2 was supposed to be more mature, dark, "edgey"

well it was more like a space high school popularity contest with the generic save the universe again....

ME1 was by far a better game, and will most likely remain better than 3, i hope i am wrong, i have been before, like once or twice ;)

undercovrr2804d ago

I agree completely. ME1 was a much better and more mature game, while ME2 mostly consisted of repetitive "get all your buddies to trust you" missions. I think its a highly overrated game over the first one. You want to see a dark rpg? Play The Witcher. Dragon's Age or ME does not come close to that.

nilamo2804d ago

you people are delusional. I'll take ME2 over ME anytime. I guess you people forgot all about the HORRIBLE inventory system, the dreadfull texture loading that ruined most of the cutscenes for me, the mako, the barebones side missions, the mako, the crappy shooting and cover mechanics and ofcourse the load times from hell.

KDubyah2804d ago

I liked the inventory aspect of the Fist over the Second, by far.
There was 'no' inventory in Mass Effect 2, and I hated that.
I hated that I couldn't 'necessarily' swap out armor for better.
I couldn't 'necessarily' go and buy better armor and sell my old.
I couldn't pick and choose what upgrades I wanted form y armor..

I personally hope they bring all that back in Mass Effect 3.
They are bringing back (better) the weapon upgrades, so..

gypsygib2804d ago

I completely agree that ME1 had a way better story than ME2, by the time ME2 done nothing really happened.

The whole game was about recruitment but it didn't really advance the underlying story very much although the Elusive Man is awesome.

The story was about as exciting as a story on the life of a gym teacher making a basketball team.

ThanatosDMC2804d ago

In ME2, you cant even customize your characters armor except for Shepard and in which case the Dragon Age armor was the best, imo.

I also didnt like the fact that i relied on the same weapon loadouts through out the whole game once i got them.

I also didnt like that we could explore as much of the Citadel compared to ME1... we had the disk space necessary too or just install the thing on the HDD.

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gravemaker2804d ago

war, dark, ugly
blah blah blah

Coffin872804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

OMG, /signed!!

Seriously though, I'm currently playing ME2 and I love the hell out of every f*in minute ...
But why does it always have to be war???

Yeah, yeah, the debut trailer was epic as f*, I will most certainly play and love it, but I am getting kinda tired of the same old bullshit cliches in every damn video game.

If I hear one more announcement of a Modern War-Shooter, I'm gonna puke.
(... After I played Battlefield 3 for at least 6 months of course.)

Yea I mad.

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