'No dead end' for LA Noire mo-cap tech

Full body scan 'will end differentiation between games, film and television'.

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VampiricDragon_2780d ago

and thats a really bad thing. Than why play games........

blind-reaper2780d ago

please read the full article before you comment or don’t comment at all.

PaPa-Slam2780d ago

Read article before you comment please. while i don't HAHA

WhiteNoise2780d ago

The video's of the facial animations for this game are amazing.

I'm glad someone took the first step because in 5 years time it may well be that all games use this tech. "Graphics" have increased a lot but realistic animations have been abandoned.

This is a big thing for me in terms of making the leap into what could be called "next generation".

Current games offer nothing new over the last generation.

Slightly better graphics do not a new generation make.

Better animations, less linear games, higher frame rates ( smooth gameplay ). These are more important things than "graphics"

Mc Fadge2780d ago

I wouldn't use such sweeping statements, but I agree. Animation has been overlooked a bit in comparison to the boost in the other departments of games' visuals. I think it contributes a lot to how amazing Uncharted looks.

PaPa-Slam2780d ago

This game will be amazing, next month can't come soon enough, Rockstar never fails me.