Holy Crap, This Panasonic In-flight Device Looks Like A PSP

Kotaku: Panasonic has a new system for in-flight entertainment. It's called the eX3 and it's the follow up to Panasonic's previous in-flight system. According to Panasonic, it has HD and even 3D displays, as well as video conferencing for first and business class passengers. It also looks like a PSP.

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SpaceSquirrel2779d ago

What a neat-looking device

-Mezzo-2779d ago

Too similar looking to be called a coincidence.

Emilio_Estevez2779d ago

So similar they might get sued imo.

Cloudberry2779d ago

Still, in HD + 3D displays are great.

Neko_Mega2779d ago

Can any one say lawsuit? Yeah I think Sony won't be happy if they copy the PSP (Even just its looks) with out the ok from them.

fatstarr2779d ago

sony cant sue. it looks like multiple controllers put into 1 with a screen.

Masterchef20072778d ago

ZOMG its time to sue them for stealing sonys ideas lol