This Little Girl Will Break Your Heart

Kotaku: Across northeastern Japan, men, women and children that were displaced by the Tohoku Earthquake are taking shelter in refuge centers. Adults might want warm baths and cigarettes, but, according to reports, little kids want video games.

Little kids like Haruka Onodera (pictured). She's smiling and seems like your typical happy kid. There's a cute drawing she made. "I want a PSP and Monster Hunter," reads her childlike handwriting. This isn't her Christmas wish list, however. And her story is apparently anything but happy. The sign she's holding also says her grandfather and mother died and that she wants to remain steadfast.

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ItsEvan2805d ago

If I were her I'd rather want my grandma and grandpa back.

rezzah2805d ago

Well of course but maybe it's just her way of dealing with the whole situation.

We all have our ways of dealing with depressing situations.

Besides just because shes a kid doesn't make her dumb enough to believe that they will come back. And of course she wants them back.

geoholyhart2805d ago

Some common sense geez. Of coarse the dead aren't coming back to life and chances are everything this girl had was destroyed. If she wants a PSP to pass the boredom, then she's at the very least entitled to that privilege. Some of you are so ignorant to you expect every little kid to cry 24/7. I'm sure she's sad, jackasses.

rezzah2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Are you replying to me or to ItsEvan?

Because if it's me you didn't understand a thing I typed.

Also if you think her issue is boredom then your are far from it. A person in this situation is likely to find a way to deal with the situation by escaping reality. Though it can be seen as not healthy, if not taken to the extreme, it can be a helpful way to deal with the sadness.

Lol never thought of this, but what if she was a sociopath? Using the deaths as a means to get a PSP?

Life's a game for them (no pun intended).

bwazy2805d ago

She wants electronic toys? What the hell. Please tell me that South Park was wrong when they said the japanese have no souls.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2805d ago

It's all about their upbringing and the impact of their society as a whole.

You can't really blame the children for this (not saying you did though).

rezzah2805d ago

People are different, you can't expect them to feel the way you do or act the same way in certain situations.

Besides she's in a very different culture on the other side of the world. Who knows if you were in her situation and were brought up there you might want the same thing. And of course I could be wrong or right about that but it's definitely not like you could answer that yourself as you were not likely brought up in Japan and had lost part of your family at her age.

gamingdroid2805d ago

The children in Africa wants food....

rezzah2805d ago

Not like she knows that, and if she does would she understand the dept of the issue?

Humans are more likely to pay attention to their immediate issues rather than have to worry about "someone else's" problems.

gamingdroid2805d ago

It wasn't meant as a reflection of the little girl. It is completely normal for her to want a toy.

I intended to comment more to put things in perspective, if you are going to donate.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2805d ago

It's common knowledge that since the beginning of mankind children have always wanted something to play with. But if she's lost her parents or grandparents and them comes asking for video games then that's just messed up.

Chnswdchldrn2805d ago

grandparents die

get free video games

awwww yeaaa

bwazy2805d ago

You idiot, the grandparents birthday money supplied the Japanese gaming market.

wwm0nkey2805d ago

If you guys read up on this story she is trying to stay in good spirits, she is upset that her grandparnets and mother passed but is asking for something that will help her stay in a good spirit.

bwazy2805d ago

Yes its called family. The last thing you need is to isolate yourself in a digital world.

kreate2805d ago

some people try to get out of depression by isolating themself into digital worlds..

bwazy2805d ago

When in fact (from a psychological point of view), there issues remain unresolved and thus build upon themselves in a manifestation of psychological problems.

rezzah2805d ago

The world doesn't always run the way you wish for it to be.

Your right is someones else's wrong.

So keep that in mind when this child wants something to keep her happy in her days of sadness and pain.

And if she still has family around then good for her, at least they can be there for her too.

bwazy2805d ago

You don't understand the psychological aspects of the situation. But hey I'm out of bubbles, discussion null as of now.

motherboop2805d ago

I think you may be looking a little too deep at the underlying matter. A few video games during a time like this isn't going to make or break her outcome - it's a temperary resolve during hard times. Are you saying there's never been a time when you sat down with a video game while sad or pissed off, even as a child? I'm sorry you ran out of bubbles :)