The Future of Mass Effect

Will there be a PS3 version? Is Microsoft still publishing?

"Of course, if Microsoft and BioWare plotted a trilogy from the start, Microsoft would have been smart enough to broker an exclusivity deal for all three games, right? It's not simple. BioWare, and in effect EA, owns the Mass Effect IP, not Microsoft; Both BioWare and Microsoft have been hazy about what happens after Mass Effect is released on November 20..."

1UP tries to find out what will happen to Mass Effect 2 and 3.

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xhi44084d ago

on PS3 and PC WEEEEEE can dream can't they? lol. But yer they should share the love, that's the only game i want from the 360 catalouge....

Funky Town_TX4084d ago

I want killzone so I will get a PS3 when it drops.

secret4084d ago

If we wanted those games, we'd buy a xbox360, you fool. Clearly, we don't care for those games.

I'll just go and make a random assertion here. MULTIPLE DISCS WILL NOT RELIEVE XBOX360's problems. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Take the PS2. Now, try to put Gears of War on one hundred discs and fill them up completely. Or take the Nintendo Wii and try to port Grand Turismo 5 and Heavenly Sword or Killzone or Motorstorm on 10000000 discs.

I can assure you that because of the weak architecture in those systems, no matter how many discs you use, the graphics will never be next gen as Motorstorm. You can try to port Motorstorm to the Nintendo Wii on 1000000 discs. But the graphics will not look idential to the PS3 version.

Why? The architecture of the PS3 is future geneneration. It's not just about storage capacity. It's about the Cell and how it works together with everything else on the PS3.

You people talk just putting Assasin's Creed on mutliple discs. Storage capacity isn't your only problem, otherwise, we wouldn't need next gen consoles.

And you want to know how it feels to be a PS3 today so far with multiports? Here is how we feel. Now imagine this. Microsoft released a HD-DVD drive that allows the xbox 360 to play HD-DVD games rather than just watching movies. Now get this. Because the number of people who own the HD-DVD add-on for gaming is initially going to be smaller compared to those who own the current DVD only console, most developers will only want to focus on making games for the DVD version.

Imagine if you bought the HD-DVD drive and found out that MASS EFFECT for the HD-DVD version will be identical to the DVD version because more xbox360 owners at the moment have the DVD only console rather than the HD-DVD enabled console.

You'd be pissed. And that's how we feel with every multiport that involves you guys. If you can't hang on the fast lane, we suggest you get off the freeway or join the Nintendo Wii in the slow lane. You're blocking our way. GET OFF THE FAST LANE, YOU HUNK OF JUNK...!!!

jmoneezie4084d ago

I thought you Sony fanboy types hated EA and "didn't want any more of there crappy ports."

Young Capwn4084d ago

I could care less about this game.

vaan4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

That our (PS3) version of Orange Box is going to suck balls? Because EA are doing it and not Valve? I mean that fat c()nt hates Sony as he has said time and again, but surely no one knows the Source engine like Valves' in house nerds?
Sheeeit. I'm betting on more slowdown than the 360 version because of this. The 360 Orange box has some performance issues, so imagine the PS3 version coming out of EA! :( ANd I certainly can't get the PC version as my desktop is pushing 5 years.

iceice1234084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

make you feel any better about buying a blu-ray player that wants to be a game console? Really now, does it?

Vaan that's your comeback? Calling me a lady? Wow, so easy to get you at a loss for words. I guess you might of actually though of your statement and knew I am right. As for the guy telling me to grow up, okay, but you must do the same and have the sexist vaan do the same.

TheHater4084d ago

That why I will wait and see for the Orange Box on the PS3.

vaan4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

Does posting pretentious crap like that make you feel better about buying a buggy, cheaply made, half assed PC with no keys?
Huuuuuuush lady.

ElementX4084d ago

I haven't really seen any performance issues. No tearing, same length of loading screens as PC version. It's not some 30sec-min length like someone posted somewhere. It's like <10sec. I saw one instance of slowdown when I launched a barrel with the gravity gun into a group of other barrels and they all exploded. It hiccuped for a split second.

Scrooge4084d ago

This is the first I've heard about performance issues from the orange box on 360 (I don't come unto forums much because I can't stand the stupidity of fanboys). I haven't noticed any issues myself. It's one of the best games I've ever played. Half Life 2's graphics even look great for 2004.

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TheHater4084d ago

It doesn't matter which system the sequels will be releasing on. I will get it for my 360 if it a 360 exclusive, but if it is not, then I will get it for my ps3. I buy all my multi system games for my ps3 because I have more people to play with on my Playstation 3 Online service.

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