Pachter: Hotz case will deter future PS3 hacking

Wedbush Morgan analyst and former lawyer, Michael Pachter, believes the settlement between George Hotz and Sony, which includes a "permanent injunction" over Hotz is precisely the outcome the platform holder would have wanted.

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GrieverSoul2439d ago

Wow... Patchter saying something obvious!

Who knew?!

*rolls eyes*

Acquiescence2439d ago

Pachter said something, and because HE said it now the opposite is going to happen. Legitimate PS3 gamers are f**ked. :(

LOGICWINS2439d ago

^^For some reason, I'm not that worried about it.

Trunkz Jr2439d ago

Patcher is secretly working with Anonymous.

Eamon2439d ago

No, all it does is deter them from gaining fame from their hacking.

There is always the anonymous option.

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RedDragan2439d ago

Oh damn! He just jinxed it!

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Mustang300C20122439d ago

They said the same thing about Napster. Nothing has changed. Just like movies this will continue. Deter my a**.

ct032439d ago

Why would it deter anybody anyway? It's not like he's being fined or put in jail.
He's not allowed to hack Sony products anymore. That's it.

000000000000000000012439d ago

No, it will just make them sure no one can trace anything they do back to them!

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The story is too old to be commented.