Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D developed by Grezzo, but is the game still in safe hands?

While Zelda 3DS isn't wholly being developed by Nintendo, is it still in safe hands?

"We mustn’t forget that Ocarina of Time looks the part. It remains visually faithful to the Nintendo 64 original in art style, while also bringing elements into 2011 – check out how Hyrule Field looks in motion for example: stunning to say the least. And from what we’ve played at Nintendo’s events in London and Manchester, the game plays exactly as we’d have expected. In fact, we wouldn’t have suspected Nintendo hadn’t developed this game from what we’ve seen and played, so surely that’s a compliment in itself?"

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wwm0nkey2776d ago

Its being over looked by Miyamoto and its not like this deserved to be treated a new Zelda game, all the ground work was there, just make a HD port with a few added features and 3D backgrounds.

disgaeapuchi2776d ago

Exactly. While there has been disappointment, as 3DS Tribe mentioned (and both of us) it looks and plays the part, so there's no need to worry.

Rhezin2776d ago


Neo Nugget2775d ago

It's not like they're making a completely new Zelda game. I don't mind it much.

prodg522775d ago

Got to play a 3ds today. I liked it! Not $250 liked it but it was pretty fun and the screen looks really good. Hoping for a price drop for the holidays.

Neko_Mega2775d ago

Hm, weird that the normal people that work on Zelda aren't. I mean like everyone says, their isn't much to do and it shouldn't take long.

So why have someone else do it?

digitaledge2775d ago

It's probably better to have the Zelda team working solely on the new Zelda than split them up to handle a port of an older game.

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