Black Ops Escalation DLC offers 'the variety fans crave'

CVG - Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia has said that the Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation map pack will deliver some much demanded variety in terms of settings and gameplay.

Officially announced yesterday and set for release on May 3, the DLC will feature four new multiplayer maps and "a Zombies experience like none before it".

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-Mezzo-2779d ago

Didn't bought the first pack, will probably stay away from this as well, if it's around $10 i'll get it, but i highly doubt.

GrieverSoul2779d ago

This time around, I actually think people didnt bought has many DLC packs for call of duty.

Last year, by this time, everyone on my 80+ friends list were playing Modern Warfare 2. Everyone had the map.

For the first time after a Call of Duty game launch, I finally see half of my friends list playing something else besides COD. A year ago, at least 90% of them were playing Modern Warfare 2.