IGN - Mass Effect 3: The Basics

IGN - The final game in the series, Mass Effect 3 is a role-playing game with a third-person shooter combat system. The defining feature of the franchise is that decisions you make in one game will impact the next.

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SpaceSquirrel2779d ago

The first two Mass Effects were great. Definitely looking froward to the third =]

-Mezzo-2779d ago

Great Article, this game will be amazing, just like the last 2. :D

To Many Games Coming Out In November & I Am Glad They Are, My Birthday Is In November, November 23rd. Will probably get most of them as gifts :D

Blacktric2777d ago

"by Kristine Steimer"

No. It's not a great article. Especially if it's written by this stuck up bitch. She wrote the same empty article 5 months ago with no real information. FFS look at this;

"Will Shepard's powers be reset like they were at the beginning of Mass Effect 2?
BioWare hasn't give specifics yet, but Commander Shepard will not start from scratch the way he did in Mass Effect 2."

How the fuck does she know that he won't start from "scratch"? Bioware didn't officialy confirm anything yet she just says it like a fact. Again, one of the poorest articles I've ever saw.