Fretlight Guitar Review

The Fretlight system features an actual guitar that hooks up to a user's computer. The Next Level reviews the hardware and examines the software options.

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Finger-Eater2807d ago

"Playing Guitar Hero did set off a spark in me, and I often found myself wondering how easily I could learn some of my favorite anthems on a genuine musical instrument"


Easy? 122 "buttons"(frets) and years of practice and memorization easy? I bet he quite after a month just like all the guitar hero fans who try t play a real guitar and realized how hard it is compared to 6 buttons and nothing else.

Dsnyder2807d ago

I switched to guitar because of GH games. I knew it would be hard and I would have to practice though. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone who is lazy or wont take the time to learn music theory needed to really play well.

TNL_Nick2806d ago

"How easily" doesn't mean I thought it would be easy. It's just a phrase used when the exact level of difficulty is unknown. I have a lot of respect for those who master a musical instrument. I hope the review didn't give a contrary impression.

earbus2807d ago

As long as i can tune down and purge my pc with sonic filth can i get feedback and warm tones from my pc speakers?

Bathyj2807d ago

I want one.

I think by learning a little bit quickly, it could be the carrot needed to persevere with learning it properly.

A little reward to spur you on.