Beta Dashboard Flashing DVD Drives FW, XGD3 Halo Reach Discs, Russian AP2.5 Patches

The Beta Dashboard Microsoft released to members accepted into the System Update Preview Program is indeed flashing the firmware of some DVD drives (only fat/slim lite-on and fat BenQ afaik). The new beta dashboard, which has also been leaked online already, seems to be 13141/13142 for those who updated through LIVE and 13140 for those who got the green update disc. Besides flashing these drives with a new Original Firmware, it also has a new set of AP2.5 challenges.

Members who got accepted in the System Update Preview Program also received a XGD3 Halo Reach disc (a silver one for those who got the dash upgrade through LIVE and a green one of those who have to update with the disc).

The data reads larger than a DVD+R DL – but that may be faked / new protection so we will see.

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marison2775d ago

After the new dashboard update, if you wanna use you HD console online and with pirated games, go for a PS3. It's more likely the only choice you will have for a year or so.

Emilio_Estevez2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

FYI, new dash already hacked. Right on the main page of this link, down a bit. Worth mentioning that neither the ps3 can't be played online while hacked and the 360 online while hacked will get you banned.

rodeoo2775d ago

my hacked 360 has been online for almost 2 ban yet

rodeoo2775d ago

I love that i get disagrees for stating a fact about my 360.lofl

Emilio_Estevez2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I didn't do it, although I don't approve of piracy, but what is disagreeing going to do?

CoLD FiRE2775d ago

@rodeoo I think you mean your "DVD drive" is hacked not your 360. Because if your 360 was hacked (Jtag) it is usually a matter of a few hours before you get banned.

marison2774d ago

On Xbox 360 you could get your DVD drive modded or your console JTAGged. The last will give you a ban, but the first only if you do no use the tools to test you images correct.

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MGRogue20172775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Wow.. Nice site, Now myself & everyone else on N4G can find out how to "jailbreak" our Xbox 360s.


knoxin2775d ago

yes but if you read it, theres no point as M$ might have found a way to beat pirates, old games work, but And i Quote

" A new AP25 challenge table
Data from 13141/13142 dash:
- 4 known games are in the table

- These 4 games each have a new set of challenges so the current available patches will not work with a LT+ CFW.

AP25 continues to be a successful anti-backup measure. Do not dismiss it"

so if you read theres no point M$ are putting a lot of money into this to stop priates,

MGRogue20172775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Pirates & Hackers will eventually find a way past all of that ... They always do.

CoLD FiRE2775d ago

And good thing about it is they don't allow any talk about piracy in there. ^_^

jay22775d ago

Another fail for the 360.

KotC2775d ago

You didn't read it did you?

Masterchef20072775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

How many times did they revise the dash board? Was it like 2?

1. Blades
2. Revised Dashboard
3. Kinect Dashboard

Is this about right?

marison2775d ago

It's only right if you think about the interface looks. The inner software layers change much more. At least twice a year.

montyburns0002775d ago

and how many times a year does sony make you accept new ToS?

Masterchef20072775d ago

I only accepted it 2 times. Which isnt such a big deal really.

SuperSaiyan42775d ago

What I want to know is what the changes are exactly, do the new discs hold more data?? Whats the specs etc seriously it seems the Americans that have the update are being absolutly thick in their approach in giving out precise details.

dragon822775d ago

We aren't allowed to say much. We had to sign an NDA.

SuperSaiyan42775d ago

You had to agree to an NDA when accepting the beta. But using a tool called the human brain did you and the others not think that you could give out details without submitting your gamertag? I don't know just saying...

dragon822775d ago

Yes, I am capable of giving out details but htat goes against the purpose of an NDA. I don't know just saying...