360 Magazine: Kinect Is For Kids, Don’t Expect That To Change

360 Magazine: At E3 2010, Project Natal was at last unveiled as Kinect. But has Microsoft delivered on the promises it made, and just who was the motion-control revolution for?

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Dailynch2438d ago

What about Child Of Eden though? Don't you want to play that? I know it's only 'one' game though.

Chaostar2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

That is coming to PS3 also, so he could still play, provided he has Move.

VampiricDragon_2438d ago

child of eden is a multiplat

gypsygib2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Although are the journalist sites are really excited for Child of Eden, it should be a 1200 MS points arcade game. I can't believe people will be willing to pay full price for that.

I can't imagine playing that for more than hour after I'm over the, "cool it works" part.

Do you but, it's really not my type of game, holding my hand over various geometric shapes to psychedelic colours ain't my thing. I'd get bored of that type of gameplay really fast.

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Lovable2438d ago

My girlfriend loves the living daylight out of Kinect...and I hate the living daylight out of it. Lol

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TBM2438d ago

Did not need this article to tell me that. Im not wasting hard earned cash on a camera, and kid games.

ComboBreaker2438d ago

I support Kinect, a device that doesn't support me.

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wwm0nkey2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

See but with Child of Eden, Steel Battalion and the new panzer dragoon game (Project Draco) they have the chance to change that.

Hopefully at E3 they announce some kind of controller input with Kinect.

Dailynch2438d ago

A 'controller input'? Doesn't that miss the point of Kinect?

wwm0nkey2438d ago

I dont care if the initial advertisement was controller free gaming, keeping it that way would eventually kill the device and I am sure Microsoft is well aware of that fact.

Godmars2902438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

But having controller assisted titles within less than a year of the things release? They've have been prompting it as a full alternative to physical controllers for twice the time.

So you're missing the whole duplicitous point of introducing it as a new kind of controller , yet requiring the old controller before its fully established itself? That its unlikely that it will ever be fully realized as what it was promised to be with a half billion dollar ad campaign?

I'm done.

wwm0nkey2438d ago

Well if there are not controller assisted games it will die quickly.

VampiricDragon_2438d ago

Child of Eden=multiplat

Steel Battalion = kinect optional

panzer dragoon game= kinect only maybe

sounds wonderful

and if theres a controller with kinect whats going to happen to being the controller?

makes it no better than anything else on the market

wwm0nkey2438d ago

Your point? What I am trying to say it needs to do things the Wii and MOVE are doing. I LOVE the tech behind the Kinect but it needs a controller input.

gypsygib2438d ago

Sorry but with all the amazing games coming out this year, are you seriously going to want to those games with limited controls instead?

No one would really care about those games if they weren't for Kinect (unless it was another Panzer Dragoon RPG!). It's just desperation at this point, where anything get you excited because you have nothing of substance to really play.

g-nome2438d ago

It was always just a bit more than an Eyetoy with more marketing thrown into the mix.

gamer78042438d ago

Child of Eden, Rise of Nightmares, Steel Batallion.

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