Portal 2 – Valve ARG Artworks are Beautiful & New Coop Footage

Here are 40 beautiful Portal 2 artworks collected during thanks to Valve ARG. There is also a new video of the Portal 2 coop: the 7 first minutes of the coop tutorial.

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Chaostar2779d ago

Wow, can't wait!

Is it true that you get a free Steam version if you buy the PS3 version? That would make my system choice for this game VERY easy :D

Ve3tro2779d ago

Yup, and you can cross play with PS3 to PC/Mac users.

FPSTime2779d ago

Take a look here: everything is explained:

Raendom2779d ago

Wooow! :o

Love GlaDOS hating that you do gestures. :P

Oldman1002779d ago

Leaked episode 3 teaser at the end of portal 2

barb_wire2779d ago

Pfft, you could've at least linked to a Rick Rolled video.