Rare: Kinect is "a huge, rich canvas" for innovation

Long-serving developers Rare came under fire from some portions of the games industry when they signed up to take on software development duties for Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller for Xbox 360. Many felt the new gadget would limit the games Rare could create, and therefore move their work away from their previous audience.

According to Rare’s Scott Henson, the company’s main focus at present is on innovation.

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anthraxCZ2600d ago

it is, but bring us real games with these inovations

SuperKing2600d ago

All I see is fitness games.

captain-obvious2600d ago

is something you lost Rare

ComboBreaker2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

one of the least innovative and least creative studio out there, is just too funny.

Give us another Killer Instinct please.

TBM2600d ago

I'll just say really? Really rare?

Optical_Matrix2600d ago

So...6 months on...where are the games? Lol

guigsy2600d ago

That's the exact same thing people were saying about the PS3, and now look at it. People need to learn to have patience.

captain-obvious2600d ago

what about the xbox360 it self ?
it has been out much more than the PS3 you know

Lamarthedancer2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

It still had some games, at least it showed signs of improving. I mean when Kinect was showed as Natal microsoft made it seem core, but if that was the case then they would of planed core games for it's release and thats what we were expecting at E3 last year.... however they failed to show anything.

Dsnyder2600d ago

>Comparing a full console to a camera app.

Perjoss2600d ago

its a good comparison, as it is even more critical for a console to have good launch lineup.

jimbone792600d ago

@ Perjoss
It was a good enough launch line-up for 10 million people.

Perjoss2599d ago

"It was a good enough blu-ray player for 10 million people."

I fixed it for you.

jimbone792599d ago

You didn't fix anything for me. I was talking about Kinect.

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Kingdom Come2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Yes, it is. Yet all we are being provided with is family and fitness games. Give us some innovation and something targeted towards something other than the casual gamers... then I'll show interest.

krisq2600d ago

Talks are for pussies.

Bigpappy2599d ago

pussies don't talk. If they did your girlfriend would have to wear tighter panties. Any you and I wouldn't be friends.

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The story is too old to be commented.