Sucker Punch Leaves No Stone Unturned In Infamous 2

Game Informer writes "Sucker Punch co-founder and development director Chris Zimmerman talks about the major changes in the soon-to-be-released sequel, electric karate, Home Depot, Devil May Cry, epic battles, user-generated content, and more."

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ultimate-remag2807d ago

sony please buy sucker punch!!!!

SageHonor2807d ago

I think Sucker Punch are just fine. It's nice to see a real sequel where developers actually add things and really enhance the gameplay and extras. Also, addressing the complaints from the predeccessor. This is definately a must buy for me day 1. This is also a sleeper for GOTY.

HeavenlySnipes2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

everyone should click on the article to see those new pictures. Heres the best one IMO

EDIT: Finished reading the article. Sony really needs to buy them and give them extra money. Boss battles where you are not confined in an area? Sucker Punch FTW.

Now we can roam about and lead the boss around while they destroy the city.

I love when devs are so passionate about their games.

HeavenlySnipes2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Id didn't see all those trailers.

At first I was the most excited for Uncharted 3 Skyrim, Resistancee 3 and Battlefield but God damn this game is going to be my most played game of this gen.

(yes I have Oblivion :)

EDIT: Here's a trailer with both evil and good Cole

Nykamari2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

That gif is the BEST! Cat porn FTW!!! Hahahahh nice! Thatnks for the YouTube links too!

ReservoirDog3162807d ago

This is looking ridiculously good. I always loved SP since I played Sly 1. And they're really showing off their talent with this.

Cannot* wait till I play this.

Sitris2807d ago

I think this dev and quantic dream should be in sonys radar......both highly talented, but I think sucker punch is already heavily invested with Sony. , But i thought that about insomniac, I was very wrong, they very much surprised me with the EA deal.

newn4gguy2807d ago

Quantic Dream is owned by Sony now.

Sitris2807d ago

Not yet i don't think so.....

Redempteur2807d ago

QD is still second party .

they are extremely close bu that's it for now ..

badz1492807d ago

they approached not only Sony for Heavy Rain and only Sony responded thus the PS3 exclusivity.

unlike Sucker Punch which is not a big powerhouse, Insomniac Games is expanding and have more man power thus allow for many games developed at the same time and the deal with EAP is seen as a very good move to expand their fanbase while maintaining a great relationship with Sony and PS3 fans with games like Resistance and R&C both releasing this year!

RememberThe3572807d ago

Holy Christ this game looks good.

acky12807d ago

Can't wait I loved the first one. Looking forward to the new powers and improved climbing system.

Only thing that disappoints me is the change to Cole's appearance...seems like he's not the same character as the first one. Hate when devs have something that i like and then change Uncharted 3: World of Deceit, such a great name that for some reason was changed :( Least these two games should be awesome enough to make up for it.

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