The Top 10 Games of Q1 2011

VGW: It seems like just yesterday we were giddily looking forward to the bountiful blessings that the new year would bring, but already the first quarter of 2011 is in the books. The first three months have come and gone, and with it, an enormous selection of video games so large and varied that even the most hardcore and financially irresponsible gamers probably didn’t get a chance to play them all.

While the second quarter of 2011 is already in full swing and bringing guaranteed hits like Mortal Kombat, Portal 2 and SOCOM 4, take a minute to make sure you checked out the best of what the first quarter of 2011 had to offer before rushing ahead to embrace the future.

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majiebeast2807d ago

Yeah i dont agree with this list.

Where is Shogun 2.
Killzone 3.
Dc universe online.


Yes! you are spot on! how can you put bulletstorm in front of Killzone 3? its the best Fps out this year! only you have to invest alot of time to get the gratification. However ill let it slide because the Goty so far is Little Big Planet 2... TOTALLY UNDER HYPED GAME!