L.A Noire to come with PS3 exclusive content

Gamersmint: Several online retailers have updated the PS3 boxart of L.A Noire with text which reads, exclusive content: Only on PS3.

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psb2682d ago

bonuses are the best but I wonder, what's Amazon has planned.

snaz272682d ago

i bet it's something crap like another playable character or something, that's what it is most of the time... but hey hopefully i'm proved wrong.

badz1492682d ago

at least in terms of story compared to 360 but something like Joker challenge for Batman AA was also a good 1, and also the 1 for Mafia II.

Hydrolex2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

If you have both PS3 and Xbox360, then you are an idiot if you buy the Xbox 360 version, Lets not forget LA Noire was a PS3 exclusive and PS3 is the lead version.

kreate2682d ago

yea but there's more Xbox fanboys in America than PS3 fanboys.

im sure at least a few Xbox fanboys have a ps3 to play some ps3 exclusive games. but they still gonna buy all their multi plats on the 360.

i dont think they're an idiot though. its just how they roll.

dgonza402681d ago

i dont believe this game is playable with friends on Xbox live right? (popular reason for 360 owners)

so yeah, it makes sense to buy the PS3 version now, unless you want a higher Gamerscore.

2682d ago
RememberThe3572682d ago

This might be apart of that deal that got Rockstar LA Noire and Sony some exclusives.

citan2682d ago

I hope it's not exclusive content and worse engine again.

ultimate-remag2682d ago

cool... cant wait 2 play dis game....

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The story is too old to be commented.