Death Battle! - Kratos VS Spawn

Episode 10 - God of War vs Todd McFarlane's Spawn! Kratos, the demigod who brought down Olympus, faces Spawn, the demon-warrior who conquered Hell itself. Who will rise to the top?

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gapecanpie2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Kratos < Spawn ... Anyone who has read all of the Spawn comics books would know Spawn would rip Kratos apart. Spawn powers are pretty much limitless and like this video said Spawn power are only limited by his imagination lmao...

Quagmire2751d ago

Mate, Spawn is the best Anti-Hero ever. Would totally rip Kratos a new one.

princejb1342751d ago

this video was made just right
even though i dont know much about spawn i do believe hell win anyway
sorry kratos i love your games at least=]

ActivistBike2751d ago

Look at the Kratos fanboys disagreeing with you. Hahaha

rezzah2751d ago

Spawn's power is beyond Kratos's brute strength (and his ability to climb out of the gates of Hades).

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aaronobst2751d ago

As soon as you include the word 'Kratos' in any sort of VS. then all opposition is void.

rezzah2751d ago

People wouldn't understand.

They don't even know who Spawn is =p

Oldman1002751d ago

Kratos got owned, but spawn couldn't take down a titan.