Guerilla Games Beat The Cryengine 3 On Consoles, Sony Exclusives Still #1

Guerilla Games VS Crytek's Cryengine 3 this is an EPIC battle but only one can win and that one is Killzone 3. Both games are incredible, detailed and easily can rival one another but when you see Killzone 3 in comparison to Crysis 2 slight edge goes to Killzone 3.

In 240HZ these games are even more impressive you must see this and Killzone 3 definitely rises to the occasion and remains the best looking title released this year so far.

One Question remains if Crytek made Crysis 2 exclusively on the PS3 in terms of the console market would the verdict have come out to be different in terms of graphical power?

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Hitman07692780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Killzone 3 has some seriously amazing graphics and power. I can't wait to see how Crysis 2 stacks up against it. My copy shows up this week

fromasterjay2780d ago

I heard it's pretty damn good!

Aussiegamer2780d ago

Its not the great, certain things look good in crysis 2 whilst others look bland, oh and the AI is dumb as dog shit.

Redrum0592780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

but rezolution, the jaggiez, pop-ups, texturing of the game sets it behind killzone3 by quite a bit.

while in killzone3 i can go straight up to a wall or floor, aim at it, zoom in, and still feel amazed at its texturing detail. with console crysis you cant do that.

Edit, but they're both good games. what crysis lacks in also makes up for with the length and open-ness (lol if thats even a word) of the campaign.

plus the lighting in crysis2 during daytime scenery is realy good too.

malamdra2780d ago

Crysis 2 is a great looking game even on consoles

but to suggest that it has better graphics than Killzone 3 is just silly

NewZealander2780d ago

hip hop gamer lol, was so obvious just by the title.

KingPin2780d ago

i thought this guy disappeared.

on topic: i agree with you. i mean even if GG saw they werent gonna top crysis, they could always ask other sony devs for help. no shame in that. honestly, i dont see any multiplat dev take away sonys 1st party devs crown away when it comes to graphics on consoles. i mean heck, even the Insomniac games asked sony 1st party devs for help. again, no shame in that. atleast they willing to put their pride aside and give gamers a quality title. respect to them.

2780d ago
WhiteNoise2780d ago


"Hey guize!!!1

240hz games look siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!! "

( input lag FTW!!! )

RevXM2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I have a plasma, supposedly 600Hz.

It have a game mode wich turns off all the fancy image processing shit. and the imput lag is 21ms. which is good, I heard most tvs are between 30 and 100.
with 100 being unplayable since 100 milli seconds = 0.1 second, while mine supposedly is 0.02. its a Panasonic TX-P G20E/ES.

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ultimate-remag2780d ago

im sorry having played crysis 2 there is nothing really spectular about it on consoles... (cant say 4 the pc).. it was all hype... (my opinion)

Mr Exclusive2780d ago

HipHopGamer if you where a true gamer you would game on PC. Then you can talk to me about graphics.

Kon_Artist 2780d ago

he plays smart. not expensive.

DeathMetal14742780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

a PC that can run circles around the consoles is not that expensive. Hell the sandybridge intel chip can run all source engine games on the on board chip in the processor. LOL. I guess some people just don't like gaming in HD. Oh yeah and it's a PC you can actually do other things than play games.

radphil2780d ago

"he plays smart. not expensive."

If that's the case, then PC gaming wouldn't be expensive for him now would it?

snaz272780d ago

yeah you can do other things, like get viruses, have to pay every year for virus protection, fuck around with installing and messing around with settings, then if you hit the wrong one bam down to the pc repair shop to shell out more money! And lets face it that's the average joes experience with pcs... You say the pc can do other stuff, like what? Store and play music? Yep i can do that! Burn music? Yep i can do that to usb, store and play movies? Yep i can do that, burn movies? Yep i can do that to usb... Download youtube vids? Yep i can do that in high quality, download movies? Music? Yes and yes... Ok i can't use office or do a spread sheet lol... The ps3 does everything i want and need, so why would i need to spend more for slightly better graphics? Also do you have fun playing uncharted on the pc? Metal gear? Gran turismo? Killzone? Little big planet? Jak and daxter? resistance? Demon souls? I think you get my point. There is no point arguing which is best, it's all about what you want and need from your machine, soon i want to start an internet business, so i'll need a laptop, that in my opinion is what they're for.

evrfighter2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

HHG is self-proclaimed anti pc.

It's funny you don't see him reporting on bf3 because he knows it'll just make him look stupid.

Kon_Artist 2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

thank you jesus someone understands. ps3, you buy it 1 time and you don't have worry about putting in a game and worrying if your system meets the requirements,when i put a disc in my ps3, i know itll work with no problem,no worries over graphics cards,ram all the other bs. i think i can deal with all those pros on ps3 and 1 con which is pc has slightly better graphics.

and you pc gamers make it sound like pc is light years ahead in terms of graphics, you guys need to chill the f out.

DeathMetal14742780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

the ignorance is hilarious. Anti- virus is free. If you have to go to the shop to fix a Pc then you are not very smart. Burn music to USB LOL. The Ps3 browser sucks, it's speed for downloading anything sucks. So hard to click what res you want to make a game look better. Yeah no uncharted big deal. 1 game. BF3, Rage, Brink, Witcher 2 all better games in HD on Pc. Jax and dexter, Really? LOL. GT was shitty, and yeah I got get LBP for my little kiddie cousin. KZ got spanked by crysis 2, and I get the real version. No stracraft, no Diablo, no old republic. Best shooter this year BF3 with 40 more players AND IN HD. Oh and beacause I have a job and not allowence form mommy I have a Ps3 too. LOL

@ below exactly it's fukcing easy. You don't have to mess with anything. they just say that to make themselves fell better. Ps3 updates lag hard, i need no disks for almost all my games. the Ps3 menu is more covaluted than anythig on PC.

radphil2780d ago

Roronoa something tells me you never even put thought into how PC gaming works, nor the MANY MANY situations into which you don't have to worry about requirements with.

snaz272780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

this is the thing with pc elitists lol, if you don't know what they know, then you are somehow stupid! Yes i'm aware there are free virus protections available, but does the average joe? If they did why would they sell it? And all the people i know that have fucked up their pc's by fiddling with settings is a mirage or something then? I know people that are sacred to put anything on their hdd incase they get a virus! And what you're trying to say that the ps3 ui is more complicated than a pc? And you call me stupid? Lol... Yes to a lot of people they dont know what res is! How is that so hard to understand? Pc's are certainly not easy to operate, yeah on a basic level i suppose they are, like click the ie icon and go online, which is what most people do with their pc's but ask them about defrag and they won't know what the fuck you're on about! And dude saying the ps3 has only one game of interest is just plain dumb! I didn't list all the exclusives, just what was on the top of my head, all those pc exclusives will come to ps3 eventually! Mark my words, after crisis they will all follow... This is the benefit of sony owning the studios! They will never be on another platform! Does pc own the studios of the games you mention lmao... At the end of the day you gotta realise the average person just doesn't know about pc's at all, i know a bit but still not enough to not worry about fucking one up... Ps3 i can go on any site without having fear of getting a virus, yeah the browser is a little slow, and it doesn't have full compatibility but it does what i need... Downloading speed, i can download a song in about 5 secs. I presume it takes you 3? Lol well done, i download a 700 mb film in 10 mins, you do it in 5? Again big whoop lol... Oh and i'm 30 with 2 kids, me and my partner love playing little big planet, its one of the few games she'll play, does that mean i'm not cool like you? Oh noes lol... Like i said before it's whatever you want from your system that matters, i want ease of use with as little headache as possible and nice graphics, ps3 does all that and more, plus it's a great blu ray player too. Edit. Oh and sorry did i use the wrong terminology regarding music and usb? You sad sad person lol, ok i can move it or copy it to usb, is that better? Who gives a fuck, it achieves the same thing, cos if you didn't notice most cd players these days have a usb slot, same goes for dvd players and movies, so get a grip. I have a few people that get movies off me via usb, and they're amazed at the speed. Take care now.

kramun2780d ago

You could do with this....

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SnakeMustDie2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

But people claim that Crysis 2 is currently the best looking game on "consoles" which is not.

Crysis 2 PC does indeed destroys every console game graphically but it's the console versions what he's talking about.

Kon_Artist 2780d ago

well thats what crytek said. so all the pc gamers jumped on this and they ignore other games on consoles that surpass crysis 2.

egidem2780d ago

Crysis 2 looks good, believe me, but it is not that much of a leap honestly. Crysis 1 STILL looks better than Crysis 2 on PC and the game is over 3 years old.

When it came out in 2007, it raped, destroyed and tore apart the fastest GPUs on the market at the time. People expected similar stuff to happen for Crysis 2, but this didn't happen. Some upgraded their rig only to be met with disappointment. Others love the game but honestly, it is not that much of a leap, if hardly any at all.

Crytek wanted to provide an experience that was equal on both the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms. Some people such as PC enthusiasts might have seen this as taking a good game that was going to be so much better then 'consolising' it. Besides, going multi-platform was a good financial decision especially when you think that in 2008 Crysis was amongst one of the most pirated games.

RememberThe3572780d ago

I hate to brake it to you but I'm a console gamer and a true gamer. So you can take your PC elitism and shove it up your ass.

DeathMetal14742780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

would have a Pc too. You can take you sub HD , DLC
paying for internet gaming, raging fanboy BS ,30FPS and blow it out your ass.You guys and your mentality is the reason people like Justin Beiber are popular, can't think for yourselves,bend over to anything easy.

yewles12780d ago

"You guys and your mentality is the reason people like Justin Beiber are popular,"

*bzzzt* YOU guys are the reason the KKK and Neo Nazis are cool again. SEIG FILE!!!

MysticStrummer2780d ago

Way to avoid the topic and throw in a PC gaming rules comment. So damn typical.

BLACKBOIJONES2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

oh shut up..U Pc gamers are a bunch of geeks just like the guy in the south park episode of WOW.

Caleb_1412780d ago

Say's the person with 1 bubble... if you have even a mediocum of sense you can build a PC

d3nworth12780d ago

So how does gameing on PC make you a true a gamer? By having better graphics? You PC fanboys are the biggest bunch of graphic whores. Its like you can't say any thing good about a console game without a PC graphics whores shoving you stuck noses all in it. "Duh well a PC can blah blah blah" We all know what a PC can do, we know what the games look like. But when you actually play the game (which makes you a true gamer not having games that look good) you see that it plays no different than the console version. Look if it bother you soo much when someone compliments a console game then don't click into atcles that are about consoles all right? Stick with the PC only articles.

Caleb_1412780d ago

It makes you a true gamer because you learn about the time and effort that goes into making games and the different components that are in a system... I bet the large majority of console gamers don't even know what RAM is. That's the point however, people buy consoles because its easy and requires you to have no prior knowledge before using them - you just plug in and play.

d3nworth12778d ago

Just because you game on consoles doesn't mean you don't own a PC retard. Obviously since you see alot of console gamers leaving comment on N4G right? I've been gaming on console all my life so I guess I don't know what random access memory is? You PC fanboy act like your so superior to all other gamers and don't even realize that all your doing is the same damn thing as other gamers. Pushing a button and watching what happens on screen. The only reason you PC fanboys are here is cuz your not getting any attention. Most articles on N4G are about consoles and you bunch or basement dwelling cry babies can't stand it. I respect the PC as a gaming platform why is it so hard for you guys to do the same with consoles huh?

The_Beast2780d ago

You don't have to mess with anything. they just say that to make themselves fell better. Ps3 updates lag hard, i need no disks for almost all my games. the Ps3 menu is more covaluted than anythig on PC.

ya thats veryy true, you dont have to mess with anything on pc, if so then why get it on pc at all, in order to get the max out of your pc, you going to have to do more then mess around.

Ps3 updates lag hard, please explain more by what the in living hell that means. ps3 updates lag? maybe your getting it confused with something on pc becouse everytime i update my ps3, it doesnt lag.

so you dont have space for a few disks? i feel bad for you, if you can afford a gaming pc then a little shelf for games hsould be no problem

Really? you find the ps3 menu that hard? my 6 year old cousin just learned to read and he knew where everything was. lemme explain. Friends icon has all your friends with the option to send and recieve messages and some other option, the setting allows to change many setting on the ps3 to your liking,the picture icon has the pics that you have on you ps3 hd. the video has videos off your hd and you can download some off the psn network video store.
and finally the most complicated one, the icon with controller, this allows you to play games,demos and some other things,like check your trophies, if you need further explanation please pm ill be more glad to help you since you find it so hard.

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SpaceSquirrel2780d ago

Killzone 3 is one of the best looking games on the PS3

Dart892780d ago

Talking about KZ3 i just got off line and god dammnit there was a hacker me and my friend would keep shooting at him but he wouldn't die i even knifed him twice and wouldn't die.He left the lobby after the match ended how can i report him??

snaz272780d ago

why are peeps giving this guy disagrees? So he's lying or something, sometimes people on here make me ashamed to own a ps3! I'm betting people disagree cos they think it shows killzone 3 in a bad light! Why does it? Hackers are in every game, you can even do that thing where people remove there internet mid game, sneak up on you then reconnect and kill you, lag switch i think they call it... Anyway i believe sony added a report feature mate, i've never used it so not sure where to find it, if you google ps3 report feature i'm sure you'll find out how. Good luck.

RememberThe3572780d ago

You can go into you "Players Met" list in the friends column and report him to sony support or on the GG forums.