IGN: Infamous 2 Preview: You Create Missions, You Become Famous

IGN: "The team at Sucker Punch wants user-generated content to be rewarding for all kinds of players, from designers to the people who just want to create pretty environments. If you suck at doing the elaborate chains of AI and what not but are awesome at creating beautiful cool set pieces, you can upload your creation and let someone else remix it into a real quest. And don't worry, you'll still get credit for being the originator even if someone else gets famous off of your foundation.

So much of what players complain about online is the lack of content for a game like Infamous 2. Not because the campaign is short, but because they always want more. Well, if the user-creation tools catch on, you'll hopefully never have much cause to complain or lament. You can test out your inner game designer when the beta starts later this week."

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djreplay2775d ago

Just got the platinum for inFamous last night so I best get in.

HmongAmerican2775d ago

looking forward to the beta.

LOGICWINS2775d ago

When did they confirm a beta?

THC CELL2775d ago

Love it. I hope we get. To see this in uncharted one day

sorceror1712775d ago

Hope I get in the beta. I Platinumed I1 ages ago and I'm in PS+; hope that helps my odds. Got a few ideas for missions - wonder if you can have separate types in the same mission?

Or maybe, if you're clever, you can make multiple simpler missions... and the end of one mission happens to be close to the start of another...