Are the Xbox 360 and Wii behind the times?

MMGN writes: SCEA CEO Jack Tretton has put on the boxing gloves and entered into the ring. His opponent? Microsoft and Nintendo. His recent comments regarding the technological state of the Xbox 360 and Wii present an interesting point of discussion for gamers, and I for one agree with him.

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ksense2807d ago

i have a better question. is this website looking for hits?

Gaetano2807d ago

No, it's looking to cure cancer. WTF do you think?

snaz272807d ago

lol ha ha ha, not bad, not bad.

TurismoGTR2807d ago

In terms of Originality, Quality, Technology, & Future IP's...


hennessey862807d ago

technolygy=look at crysis 2
future ip=gears 3

Caleb_1412807d ago


lol, future 'IP' for the 360... seals the deal right there, you guys have f**k all to look forward to

hennessey862807d ago

thats strange my xbox and ps3 should keep me occupied, thanks for your concern though :)

CydonianKnight072807d ago

@ Hennessey86

Originality = Eyetoy Ripoff
Quality = 38% failure rate
Technology = Outdated DVD 9
Future = Gears 3 and........

hennessey862807d ago

lol eyetoy rip off, come on are you serious. Its nothing like an eyetoy or pseye. how many games need blu ray, I have a ps3 by the way psn hennessey_86

CydonianKnight072807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Ok Hennessey, purely on a gaming level, what more does Kinect do that the eyetoy or pseye couldnt??

r1sh122807d ago

Its funny how kinect is an eye toy rip off..
Doesnt that make the PS move a Wii rip off?

Who cares, Tretton is correct to an extent.
MS really dont have any announced exclusive games which is a shame. As a xbox owner thats pissed me off a little - I dont have much time to play on my consoles these days but seriously MS fix up please.

As for my PS3, any multiplat game I have is on the xbox and my ps3 I more for blu ray films, and a few of the exclusive games. But the PS3 does have a better looking lineup for 2011, unless MS pull something out their ass.

Caleb_1412807d ago


That's cool, my gaming PC and PS3 should keep me occupied - thanks for your concern though

kikizoo2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

"Its funny how kinect is an eye toy rip off..
Doesnt that make the PS move a Wii rip off?"

hmm ? can you see a camera and glowing balls on your wii ? no, eye toy is a camera "you are the controler" thing, kinect, is simply a most advanced camera (but not better for all : resolution, etc)

by the way, the xpatrol is more powerfull and active (badly) than they are saying "bububu n4ps3g bububu", how can a xfans troll (without ps3, obviously) like hennessey, can have 3 bubbles ? (ps3 fans are probably more open, and are not reporting every single lies the desperate ones are writting)

[email protected], another new multiaccount well known much bullcraps and lies (not "similar hardware" at all : cell + bluray), it's pathetic.

Oner2807d ago

It is common knowledge that the Move has been shown and worked on BEFORE the Wii was. Check the history part of the Wiki to be a bit more properly informed ~

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Mr Tretton2807d ago

Why Wii when you can PS3?

Why 'Box when PS3 rocks?


upturned22807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )


Coming again, to save the mother fucking day-yeah!


thedarkvault2807d ago

Desktop GPU's have advanced 6 generations since the PS3's RSX(6800-GTX580). All the consoles are behind the times.

shoddy2807d ago

that's why Sony set a standard that would last as long and as affordable as possible.

the guys that can run Crysis 1 max out back then couldn't run Crysis 2 now. Wonder if they can still brag bout thier computer.

I have a decent gaming PC but I hate the fact that not all PC gamers are equal.

some will upgrade thier PC like every year so they can brag about it.

kramun2807d ago

'the guys that can run Crysis 1 max out back then couldn't run Crysis 2 now.'


HmongAmerican2807d ago

the ps3 hasn't show sign of aging yet. in fact, it is still pumping jaw dropping exclusives year after year.

WhiteNoise2807d ago

1080p TV's were being sold in mass quantities when all of the current consoles came out. They are all behind on the times.

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