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Gamespot states:
"Everyday Shooter is anything but an everyday shooter. Such a title belies this game's level of creativity, though maybe that was the point. Developed by a single programmer named Jonathan Mak, this is a wonderfully unique and engaging spin on the Robotron-style dual-stick shooter that countless games have copied to death over the years. It offers up eight stages that provide entirely separate challenges from one another and a solid level of difficulty. It also has a dreamy vibe created by its fantastic art style and bedroom rock soundtrack. It's the sort of offbeat little game that will probably either bore or irritate some people to no end, but for those who can appreciate its eccentricities, it's a real treat.

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doomsonyman4078d ago

score not good enough because this game is fuvking amazing

Sevir044078d ago

let good be and good alone, at least they didn't give it a 7 like ign did. in any case
this game is highly addictive

ngg123454078d ago

It is an awesome game, should be bought by anyone who owns a ps3. My favorite game on that system, to say the least

TheHater4078d ago

This game was developed by one person. WTF?

nurayi4078d ago

you really aren't supposed to try and put that helmet on mate.

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The story is too old to be commented.