Use Kinect To Play Minecraft

There's so much freedom in Minecraft, you can do almost anything in the game. But you know what you can't do in Minecraft? Play Minecraft. The days of no longer being able to play Minecraft while you're playing Minecraft are over. A Kinect hacker has figured out how to record his Minecraft game and then transfer that data into another game of Minecraft.

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Pikajew2719d ago

NO, I will never do that.

chak_2718d ago

After a long long hesitation I bought it.

Man I shouldn't have, my life is horrible since 3 days, I can't sleep, I want to build uber mines, I...I... I fucking lack time, damn work §

just_looken2718d ago

buy sc4 for $10 its 40x better fyi

Ducky2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Well, would you look at that, Kinect can have a usage in gaming.

... sort of. =/
I wonder if that can be used to speed up the creation process. Oh well, I'll just manually build phallic shapes for now.

tdrules2718d ago

the first motion controller to work on a good game.