Analysts: EA Acquisitions 'Prudent', BioWare Making Star Wars MMO?

Responding to EA's acquisition of BioWare/Pandemic, analysts from Citi, Oppenheimer, Lazard, and Wedbush Morgan have all reacted positively, saying the move was well worth the $860 million price, and speculating Bioware's "mystery MMO" will be Star Wars themed, calling it a "strong positive" for EA.

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Bolts4077d ago

Bioware's MMO will probably suck. They have zero experience and most of their games are story driven. But look at on the bright side, at least Bioware didn't get bought out my Microsoft. They are absolutely the worst MMO publisher of all time. Basically every MMO they ever touched died a horrible, horrible death. The Asheron Call franchise and Vanguard being the prime examples.

Azures4077d ago

Actually their games are choice driven, which is all what being a force sensitive.