Portal 2 - Best on PS3

MMGN: Portal and Windows PC go together like pencil and paper; footy and beer; Lenny and Carl, but alas, PC is not the platform on which you should purchase Portal 2. Money aside, it’s the PlayStation 3 that looks set to be the prime console.

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plb2775d ago

PS3/PC version for me.

TheTruth892775d ago

LOL, look at the disagree... FAILBOTS.

SixZeroFour2775d ago

lol, look at the bubbles...FANBOYS

malamdra2775d ago

PS3 is always the right choice because it will still be around long after the 360 is taken off the market

but regarding the co-op I would prefer a longer single player and no co-op

Valve said on Qore that the single player is twice as long the first Portal, which should put it in around 6 or 7 hours, and that sucks

SixZeroFour2775d ago

that sounds like the logical choice for most multiplatform owners

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Shackdaddy8362774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Doesn't the PS3 version come with the PC version? That makes it an automatic buy in my book.

Plus PC players can co-op with PS3 players so that means I can play on my favorite platform with my friend who just has a PS3 then move over to his dorm and play split-screen with him when I feel like it(WINNING!)

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Pandamobile2775d ago

I'll save myself the $20 and grab the Steam version.

Neo Nugget2775d ago

I'm getting the PS3 version from Amazon, which includes $20 promo credit, the PC version, and 10% off my total order. Sounds like a better deal to me.

-MD-2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

You're getting $20 credit and he's saving $20. You're getting the PS3 version for free but then what's the point? You'll never play it if you have the PC version. And what's 10% off? Like $5?

cakeisalie2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

got it off steam for 40usd.


True lol who would like to play the game on PS3 running at 720p 30fps little to no AA, when on PC it can be running maxed out even on 3-4 year old hardware.

waterboy2775d ago

its sad that the only thing that you pc fans can do to try to make pc look more powerful and better is talk down about resolutions and fps on a game to bad you cant do it for exclusive games since there not on your nerdy dumpster sized pcs

Substance1012775d ago

Yep hes mad when he can get the same game at 20usd cheaper, why not appreciate the better graphics etc.


Its not just about the graphics mate. PC version will also be playable 10years from now, what gaurantees do we have PS5 will have the BC to replay this game. Ah wait thats what HD remakes are for, theyll just make you buy the game again and call it bc ;-) awesome

MaxXAttaxX2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

PC fans can never be wrong. They'll always come up on a multiplatform game's article and sneak in a "PC better" comment. It's like they have to reassure everyone by stating the obvious... *yawn*

No AA? Don't be ignorant.

IMO, I'll be getting the PS3 version to be able to play online co-op with everyone of my friends.

And then if I feel like playing a higher res version of the game on PC and experience the HUGE difference, I can do so for free :)

Then again, that's just my opinion and whether u mad about it and stealth disagree or not, is another story.

despair2775d ago


there's cross-platform play between the PS3 and the PC, so you can play with your friends even with the PC version. But I for one will get the PS3 version from amazon as well, it makes sense.

I want to play it on the PC(controls not graphics primarily) and the PS3 version gives me a Steam copy, plus I get the PS3 version for trophies :)

Soldierone2775d ago

@Waterboy you are my hero...nuff said.

badz1492775d ago

getting the PS3 version which comes with a free PC version is BAD now! no matter how much you save on PC version, there is no way it's a better deal than getting 2 copies for the price of 1 with the PS3 version! what to brag about to PS3 owners buying Portal? NOTHING because they have BOTH! seems like pc elitist are thinking that PS3 gamers don't have pc!

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B1663r2775d ago

Well they are saying if you get the PS3 version you get the PC version for free...

badz1492775d ago

but some people just can't appreciate a bargain!

vickers5002774d ago

What it boils down to:

Either get two copies of the game to enjoy (sometimes I prefer playing with a controller)


save 20 bucks.

Personally I want both copies of the game, as I prefer trophies and playing with a controller to saving 20 bucks. PS3 version for me. Oh wait, plus the Amazon deal, and I end up saving 20 bucks anyway.

MisfitSmurf2775d ago

Buy Ps3 version
get free pc version
sell ps3 copy.
Free game.

Motorola2775d ago

return PS3 copy* THEN free game.

MisfitSmurf2775d ago

@motorola, or i could sell it to one of my "too lazy to go to the store" friends and play co-op with them.

ct032775d ago

Do you think Valve is completely retarded? When you register the license number of your boxed copy, it's tied eternally to your Steam account.

If you sell that boxed copy to someone else, it will be useless to them.

yewles12775d ago

*prepares for headache*

bobrea2775d ago

5 Disagrees. People actually think that Valve, of all companies, are going to release a product where PC isn't the top performer? Give me a break. There probably won't be much of a difference anymore since the Source engine has been around forever, but if you think your PS3/360 will run this game as well as my maxed out PC you're fooling yourself. And this is from someone who plays on all consoles...except Wii.

Finger-Eater2775d ago

Dude why do you even care if you have alot of disagrees? Their mostly stealth trolls, who the heck cares.

Shackdaddy8362774d ago

They are talking about console troll. Plus PS3 is the best to BUY because you get the PC and PS3 version with it.

bobrea2775d ago

And again, I'm speaking solely in terms of how the game will run. If I get what is essentially a $10 copy of the game for PC as well, I'll definitely buy it for PS3. Who isn't trying to save as much money as possible nowadays?

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