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theunleashed642751d ago

this is going to be so awesome, love the lighting effects.

AaronSponk2751d ago

The dynamic lighting really is impressive but textures don't seem as sharp as the first game. Infamous had, by far, the best textures in an open world game (not including PC games, of course).

Kon_Artist 2751d ago

Why doesnt sony buy sucker punch already?

Pixel_Pusher2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Game after game after game.. it just never ends for the PS3. :D

And it has user created levels!? What!?! GOTY confirmed?

Rainstorm812751d ago

Sony's first party is clearly among the elite of first party devs.

There are alot of multiplats that have GotY potential this year, but Sony isnt going to make it easy.

syrion2751d ago

looks amazing !!
must preorder hero edition now....

Hoje03082751d ago

This and Uncharted 3 are my most anticipated games of the year. Lookin' great!!

starchild2751d ago

Uncharted 3 is definitely in my top 3 most wanted games this year and I will get it day one. Infamous 2 is slowly winning me over. I wasn't a huge fan of the first one. I enjoyed it, but it just seemed kind of average to me. Luckily the second one looks a lot better in many ways.

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ThanatosDMC2751d ago

I havent finished the first game. How did these other freaks spawn? Could somebody explain?

Rainstorm812751d ago

They are all new, i beat the game twice and nothing like those enemies are in the first game.

ThanatosDMC2751d ago

No no, im talking about the blinking/teleporting guys on the first island of the first game or those little robot things that crawl on the ground on the third island.

Teleporting guy wears white instead of red.

Rainstorm812751d ago

Those were the Conduits, after reading on I2 it seems someone found out how to turn regular people into Conduits, "Forced Conduits", then on top of that you have those huge beasts in the city. amazing

Cant wait this is a day 1 for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.