PSP 6.38 Firmware Now Available

For gamers who still plays their PSP, a new update is now available for download via the handheld’s System Update.

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BigMassacre2777d ago

Why would someone stop playing their PSP? Not sure I like the tone in that description.

Fred-G-Sanford2777d ago

I play "The Bigs 2" on my PSP every night when I go to bed.

It helps me wind down and makes me sleepy (like reading a book).

My favorite game on the PSP, by far.

Inception2777d ago

Yeah, agree with you bigmassacre. Now i'm playing 3rd birthday, tactics ogre, and hoard on my PSP. Great time as a PSP owner ^^

just_looken2776d ago

i agree aswell im play gt/mgs/re1 on my psp 2000 but i also wouldn't mind a ngp next to it.

Inception2776d ago

@just looken
i hope sony find some way to convert our UMD game so we can play it on NGP.

Dragon-2777d ago

"For gamers who still plays their PSP'"
Sounds like one of those "I bought my PSP at launch and it's been collecting dust since" type of haters- you know, the ones that never actually had a PSP.

kagon012777d ago

I still have to collect the massive amount of jrpgs for this handheld...

Right now I'm playing the classic FF tactics...

Neo Nugget2777d ago

Psh, the PSP has plenty of good games. My Go is chock full of them.

dontbhatin2777d ago

if its available now then how come py psp says its up to date?

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