Black Ops DLC: Does the magic lie with Zombies maps alone?

With the recent leak of Map Pack 2 for Call of Duty: Black Ops, all the players are focused on one of two things: will it be Multiplayer maps or Zombies maps. The question is could we care less about the multiplayer maps? Sure, it is great to be in new playgrounds online, but there has been little change from Modern Warfare all the way up to Black Ops in Multiplayer. Sure, the new minor destructible environments and zip lines are great, but not enough to sidetrack me and my thoughts from that next zombies map.

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Redrum0592808d ago

... The Illuminati are afraid of us...

Chnswdchldrn2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

yea see this is what consoles do to you

you rationalize buying some shitty dlc that costs 1/4 of the game just because it has one single zombie map in it

Nice job

sashimi2808d ago

I prefer to think they were this way before picking up the consoles.

zeal0us2807d ago

if I was on pc, I would probably pir...I mean dl it sadly I'm through with dlc from treyarch console-wise. After buying it I found myself hating about most of the map, jeez most of them seem like an camp fest. Hell only about 25% of berlin wall actually gets used. I want another map similar to nuketown size relatively small and little camping.

Knowing Bobby Kotick they won't cut the price of these packs anytime soon.

badboy8082808d ago

Only reason I bought black ops was zombies

thematrix12982808d ago

agree, zombies are really fun

beavis4play2808d ago

yea - i waited to buy until i could get a copy for 30 dollars on amazon (used). i haven't used it for anything BUT zombies. also got the 1st map pack for ascention - great map!

SwiftShot2808d ago

I bought BO cause of reznov! N zombies nom nom nom

cr33ping_death2808d ago

i crossed to the dark side and bought the dlc only because...well 2 reasons... i love any game with zombies and 2 my bro said he would get it if i got it so i bought it.... he lives about 88 miles away and cant see him every day so the more games in common the more fun :)

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