New Xbox 360 Format Disc Can Carry Up to 10GB of Data

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that the new format disc adds up to 1GB of data, for a total of about 9GB of space on a dual layered disc. Today, new reports indicate that the Xbox 360 format disc can carry up to 10GB of data, rather than the previously reported 9GB.

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Nitrowolf22808d ago

Hope it's true, i don't care what people say about Blu-ray before and about storage. It's needed. More storage means more content or better quality packed in the disc. Hopefully devs take advantage of this, 1-2GB could make all the difference.

truehunter2808d ago

Sorry nitro but devs wont take avantage of it No matter how you look at it, they rather do DLC over more space. 3rd party exclusive PS3 dont even go over 23GB of space.

SasanovaS19872808d ago

i have a feeling one of the developers made them upgrade due to a huge game coming out that might use alot more gigs then they have to spare so they had no choice...i can see it happening

aGameDeveloper2808d ago

Bubbles, Sasanova, insightful

gypsygib2807d ago

It could go to better sound and higher quality cinematics.

More space the better I say.

SuperM2807d ago

I think its more then just one developer. Developers in general has been asking for this for a long time.

Christopher2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Not possible. It's DVD9, you can't squeeze more than the maximum 7.95GB of data onto the disc. Perhaps they're using better compression, but the data will never exceed 7.95GB.

BubloZX2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Actually finally fantasy hits 40+ gigs. Metal gear solid 4 get about 45 gig and KZ# was reported to have 40+.

GodsHand2807d ago

@ cgoodno

Remember over burning CD's?
Once we only had a choice of using 650MB cd's for storage, but you could over burn (with the posibility of damaging your burner) to 700MB. Now we have the 700MB cd's, and I've heard never seen a overburned cd holding 800MB.

I am sure they can do the same for DVD's.

Computersaysno2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Overburning will give you more capacity, but not the kind of amount seen here! Maybe you could squeeze another 5-10 percent from the right disc, but this would be far more than that. There is no way overburning alone is responsible for these claims.

Overburning also makes the discs much much more prone to failure, as most failures happen right on the last few percentage area of the disc. Many, many drives struggle to read overburnt discs as a result. If Microsoft were to rely on heavy overburning to increase capacity, you can guarantee that they will be inundated with machines struggling to read the discs.

darthv722807d ago

MS will let someone in the program that is openly trying to rip the disc and they wouldnt let me in who just wanted to play it.

Nice call MS. Your selection process works wonders.

On topic, there have been higher capacity cd and dvd's for some time. You just need the right burner to burn them but as far as playing goes, they could play on 'almost' every drive.

Overburning discs is something I used to do when I was making custom CD's for my car.

MaxXAttaxX2807d ago

Oh wait, it still holds about 8gigs only.

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mauleriscool2808d ago

I just installed it to my hard drive, the beta disc's Halo Reach is only 6.7GBs compared to my retail 6.6GBs

outlawlife2807d ago

the data on the reach disc won't be any larger

it is how the disc is written that is different, which is why you won't see any change in size

the disc beta isn't to use extra disc space it is simply to make sure it works in the 360

thor2807d ago


Then how come we have this image of someone ripping 10.4GB of data from the disk?

gaffyh2807d ago

@thor - Cos it's BS. It is from a PS3 game ripping software according to the hackers.

C4BL32807d ago

the drive is soo much more quiet than the retail. some game sound like my box is about to take off, I have the slim. but this disk is super quiet.

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Kon_Artist 2808d ago

wasnt is a while back that they 100gb blu ray and with a firmware updates it can be used on current blu ray players(including the ps3)

bednet2807d ago

yes and wasn't it a while back that DVDs could only hold 4.7GB of data, then they invented DL DVD which doubled it's size while still working on DVD players.

Original BD were 25GB now they have it at is still fairly new and the need for 100GB is not there yet. With DVD, the need has been here for years and they still haven't come up with something bigger than 8.5GB...I call bull on a new DVD size, probably just a different way of writing games to a DL DVD saving some space for Devs.

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Shadow02808d ago

You do know that the space a game has doesn't matter at all. Dev's don't care. Xbox has had games shipped with multiple discs before and the game Rage will do the same..

Perjoss2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

people that complain about multiple discs do not even own an xbox 360, its quite funny. Same applies for the price of XBlive.

gypsygib2807d ago

Well if devs didn't care then why is MS pursuing this. Many devs have complained about the lack of space on DVD.

And saying the amount of space doesn't matter is myopic, think about it...and the just because a game can ship on multiple disks doesn't solve space problem unless you can install on the HD as devs are forced to duplicate a lot of the game assets and design the game in a limited way in terms of progression.

just_looken2807d ago

OR MABEY MS CAN KNOCK ON SONY'S DOOR AND ASK FOR BLU RAY DRIVES THE CHEAP SOBS M$ ARE. seriously they have billion's of dollars yet the 360 has still a dvd drive 5.1 sound card from ps2 and hdcp issues because the hdmi port is 1.2. Very Very old tech cheap A$$ MS.

GCO Gamer2807d ago

You don't understand, my friend. The Blu-Ray tech sucks hard, the only advantage you're going to get from it is uncompressed space. The things you need to run it, isn't worth the price. If it was truly better, it would have been aboded 2 years ago.

ColdFire2807d ago

A dual layer DVD can hold 9.7 GB, no amount of software or removing stuff filling that will extend it to 10.7.

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fr0sty2807d ago

CD's have always been able to hold 700mb's (80 minutes), it's just when they released CD-R's they could only write to 650mb's of it. It had nothing to do with the CD format itself, only the burned discs. Same applies to DVD, except DVD-R launched day one with the ability to write to all 4.7gb's.

Hang up the pipe dream, you're still using DVD-9. 8.5gb (7.8GB), just without security crap taking up 1GB of that.

2Spock2807d ago

But it is the same format! Why does the title say new format?

Muffins12232807d ago

i dont care for blue ray,the only thing i care for is disc space

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Convas2808d ago

WHOA! If this is true then Maaaaaaan ... XD

karl2808d ago

wow.. thats quite good.. i hope the space needed for security is already being counted or it would be actually less space ..

xPhearR3dx2808d ago

I <3 the rumor voting on N4G

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