NBC Universal Up For Auction?

NBC Universal may just be up for auction. The decision will not be made until after the Beijing Olympics. NBC Universal is the entertainment division of General Electric.

According to a report in the Financial Times, the company, whose estimated value is around $40 billion, is rumored to be potentially up for sale due to the drop in performance and the lack of uniformity with GE's other businesses that are predominantly industrial and financial.

NBC Universal consists of the following subsidiaries NBC, Universal Studios, NBC Universal Television Group, NBC News CNBC, MSNBC, iVillage, ION Media Networks, qubo

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Jdash243634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

is nbc universal a branch of universal? or is universal owned by nbc?

oh thanks, bubble for you.........

hmmm that means universal could go blu ray depending on who buys

frizshizzle3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

NBC Universal is the parent company they own Universal.

Omegasyde3634d ago

Just in case you didn't know as well

Viacom owns CBS/MTV/Paramount etc

ABC is somewhat of owned/ran by Disney.

Fox is owned by President Bush <joke ;P>

Sony owns a bit of Las Vegas, i.e. (MGM Mirage resort) stake holders and owns Columbia/tri-star/MGM studios for making movies.

chrno3634d ago

Does that mean if Sony buys out Universal, the stupid format war will be over?

crck3634d ago

40 billion is a butt load of scratch.

Laka3634d ago

Does Sony has $40 billion in the bank?

Razzy3634d ago

Probably not but maybe they could make payments...1 billion a month for 40 months. :-)

PopEmUp3633d ago

I don't think they has 40 Billion in the Bank but probably close to it

PlayStation3603633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Sony's Revenue = $70 Billion (as of 2007)

However Revenue is not to be confused with Profit or net income. I just say Revenue so you can have an idea what Sony is working with.

I'm not sure but I think Son's net income is around $1 billion.

PopEmUp3633d ago

If Sony has $70 billion than NBC would be certainly a good investment and the stupid format war will be all over

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Kururo3634d ago

hows that hd-dvd exclusive working out?