The Trailers Don't Do Battlefield 3 Justice "By now, we've probably all seen the various "Fault Line" trailers, which have been published by EA DICE over the past few weeks to showcase the Frostbite 2.0 engine on Battlefield 3. If you haven't, there are three parts. Part One shows off the start of a mission, which then ends up in a small fire-fight. Part Two showcases some of the game's destruction, as the group attempt to take down a sniper. And Part Three depicts a much larger battle, where you're asked to hold off an incoming group of insurgents."

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Hardedge2802d ago

Ugh, this game can't come soon enough. Can't wait for that full reveal from DICE.

mephman2802d ago

You're telling me, this is really going to be something special. I just hope the consoles versions look half-decent.

Hardedge2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Doesn't really matter if DICE says they're making console versions. The definitive BF experience has and always will be on the PC. 24 player games and scaled maps? No thanks.

waterboy2801d ago

i never care about multiplatform games on ps3 looks

SuperM2801d ago

Its definately gonna be best on PC. But im sure the console version is still going to be head and shoulders above COD

tweex2802d ago

Could not agree more. This game is gonna be such a power house!

Hardedge2802d ago

The trailers looked epic, I can't wait to get my hands on it! Tempted to get MoH just for the beta, I know BB and FS still have copies of the limited edition lol.

superrey192801d ago

If you have been planning on buying a surround sound system, a new monitor, and/or a new graphics card... this is the game to upgrade for. The sound in BFBC2 coming from a 5.1 setup still amazes me to this day, I can only imagine what BF3 will bring come November.

fozzness2802d ago

Never got into Battlefield before, but this definitely has me pumped!! :-)

DERKADER2802d ago

I hope EA decide to let you get into the beta for pre ordering. I didn't think it was worth getting MOH when all I wanted was the BF3 beta.

Rybakov2801d ago

the name battlefield alone dose battlefield 3 justice on all plains of existence

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