The 5 worst MMORPG titles

Gaming Irresponsibly's Frank Moricz writes: "Some would argue about the order and titles on this list. As a preface, I'll say that the list here comes from my own experience, and has little to do with sales numbers or any hard facts. Below are the titles that I feel deserve to be in the hall of MMO fail."

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agentxk2683d ago

You missed FFXIV! That one made me sad.

Troll-without-Bridge2683d ago

FFXIV is a bad game by expectations and comparison. But its not a bad game on its own... ive played much worser MMO's. FFXIV has lots of things that brings enjoyment and fun.

DrHouse2683d ago

Dont you just love how all these mmorpgs feature half naked women so as to attract horny little kids to play the game? ON top of that the ones that take it over the top are the worst of the bunch.

susanto12282683d ago

#5 Tabula Rosa
#4 Age of Conan
#3 SWG
#2 Warhammer Online <<<< How the hell did he miss this monstrosity

#1 Vanguard Saga of Heroes A great game that was destroyed by shotty development and a broken launch.

lucifon2683d ago

Vanguard destroyed by a shoddy development and broken launch sure, but this list isn't "the 5 worst mmorpg launches". The game has come a long way since then, if it launched in the state it's in now it'd be a different story.

Kharhaz2683d ago

Might want to get the actual title of the article right next time you make a submission.

susanto12282683d ago

IF FFXIV doesn't get fixed soon it will soon overtake Vanguard as my #1 Worst MMO in History...I quit playing it like 2 weeks ago, a disappointment, a failure, just an outright mess that game is right now with only the Hardcore Fanboy FF fans sticking around right now, it's just a MESS!!!!!

agentxk2683d ago

I bought it at launch and honestly, I played F2Ps better than that one.

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The story is too old to be commented.