IGN: See Old Town Shine in This Gears of War 3 Video

Epic is bringing a bit of color into Gears of War 3, and Old Town really shows that off. But don't get so distracted by the reds, greens and blues that you forget to watch your back. Old Town is a tricky map with dead-end alleys, strategically placed power weapons and a lot of elevation change. Your instinct might be to rush the middle of Old Town (killing chickens along the way), but the sides of the map are where the goodies are.

Teams will probably square off over the sniper rifle/Torque bow and Boomshot/Digger launcher. Epic told me the weapon drops and map layout were designed to keep teams moving. You'll definitely want to watch out for flankage here. Grab your weapon of choice, stick with your team and move from cover area to cover area. Hit the play button above to watch a video walkthrough of Old Town.

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Convas2808d ago

Wow, that's really beautiful! Can't wait for the beta.

BK-2012808d ago

Looks like an Uncharted map BIG time.

bluegreenman2807d ago

really? cause i thought it looked like a gears 3 map!! stop trying to bring up a PS3 exclusive in a gears 3 article, its just flame bait and childish. I love both games and will buy them both, but stop this madness please

SMOK3xFFx2808d ago

0:38 IGN mistake? "trenches"?

Grenadan2808d ago

few more days till the beta

Ninjamonkey822808d ago

Not gonna lie its a proper rip off from the Uncharted 2 MP map :) Not a bad thing i guess they added some sea in thats about it ah yeah theres chickens aswell.

Then they go and rip off black ops and make a damn bell ring -_- Stadium anyone Scoreboard. Im not saying here comes a bad game but many did come around with UC2 had nothing orignal in it GT for exsample and the 9.3 rating saga.. For me what is gears doing to push the genre. ?

GameOn2808d ago

First off, black ops copied gears. Secondly, there might not even be an uncharted if it wasn't for gears.

BK-2012808d ago

Woah you mean Resident Evil 4. Uncharted was being developed around the same time Gears was.

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The story is too old to be commented.