IGN: The Future of Homefront

IGN: "THQ started off 2011 by launching its new shooter Homefront, a fictional take on the fall of the United States at the hands of a unified Korea. While the game received a wide range of mixed reviews, Homefront sold over 1 million copies in its first week and to date has shipped 2.4 million copies worldwide.

We recently caught up with THQ EVP of Core Games Danny Bilson in San Francisco for a brief chat about the launch of Homefront, its reviews, and where it's going in the future."

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Quagmire2805d ago

I heard the story ended really badly. Thats just pure laziness on the Developers part.

ReservoirDog3162805d ago

I wouldn't say it was that* bad. It could've been much better but they laid out the foundation for a sequel.

It'll probably either be in the east coast (of america) or somewhere in europe.

As long as they improve upon it in every way on the sequel, I wouldn't mind the first being a somewhat disappointing game.

Remember everyone: we need to make some competition for CoD. I basically donated $60 to THQ to help stop that near monopoly.

Quagmire2805d ago

Gave up one generic FPS for another? Now thats what i call a revolution...


ReservoirDog3162805d ago

Haha, well, let's hope for a revolution with the sequel. If that happens then CoD would have to innovate too. Remember, the modern FPS has become boring because CoD has comfortably had no reason to innovate.

Burning_Finger2805d ago

In the garbage bin forever forgotten.

Cajun Chicken2805d ago

Make it TWICE as long so it can be the length of a normal game.

cochise3132805d ago

This game should have just been mp only if they were not going to put effort into the sp.

user8586212805d ago

shut down the developers, they made two crappy games in a row

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