Rumor: Xbox Dashboard preview testing for Avatar Kinect, Hulu Plus

It looks like Xbox Live preview program participants may be testing out more than a new disc format after all. According to an Xbox Live profile allegedly belonging to one of the beta program administrators, both Avatar Kinect and Hulu Plus features are being tested. Both applications can be seen on the profile, though links to their respective listings appear to be broken for the time being.

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plb2808d ago

The avatar kinect seems neat. That is if it works as advertised.

darthv722808d ago

it sucks i didnt get in this time like last time. Hulu plus is a separate membership. I think my lg bluray player supports it. Never tried the service so I dont know if its worth it.

Raven_Nomad2808d ago

As a participant in this beta, I can neither confirm nor deny any of this.

Convas2808d ago

Hell, we're not supposed to. NDA rules. Been so busy, I haven't even tried out my Halo: Reach Preview Disc yet.

RockmanII72808d ago

You got your's? I'm in the program but I haven't gotten a disc yet.

SMOK3xFFx2808d ago

So there IS a lot of extra stuff to keep you busy other then the new disc format!

BiggCMan2808d ago

I got my Halo: Reach preview disc today myself. It's pretty neat that I get to keep it :D

Raven_Nomad2808d ago

We seriously cant say anything, other then were in the program. You sign some confidentiality agreements.

dragon822808d ago

My disc just arrived earlier today.

2808d ago
RockmanII72808d ago

If MS adds Youtube I'll be happy, but since it's owned by Google I doubt that will happen.

plb2808d ago

Google isn't evil...tis their motto.

B1663r2808d ago

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist ...

H2OAcidic2808d ago

Fact: I have quite a few friends online daily that have been on Hulu for a while. So that kid seeing someone with Avatar Kinect and Hulu is honestly old news to me since it's been in testing for quite a while now.

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