Sony: “NGP Is The Real Reason For PS3 Cloud Saves”

Joel Taveras of DS, "If you really thought that Sony would offer cloud game saves without an ulterior motive behind it, well then you’d be completely wrong. Sure its a nice perk but when you honestly sit down and really think about it, what’s the point? It’s not like a game save file is as big as a game install file (which unfortunately still exists) so where's the benefit of storing these files remotely especially if what we’re talking about is just a few measly megabytes. After speaking to one of our sources at Sony, it seems that the electronics giant may have something very special brewing for E3, an announcement that will make the NGP simply irresistible when it lands on shelves."

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plb2776d ago

Yeah, wasn't cross play already mentioned? How else would saves transfer over.

rabidpancakeburglar2776d ago

I would guess from the same games being available on both the ps3 and the ngp, that would make transferring saves over pretty easy. I don't think that I've seen anything about cross play but I've not being paying much attention

JoelT2776d ago

Cross play hasn't been mentioned yet. Just the idea of the same "1st party favorites" but not the idea of actually playing your same console game while on the go.

darthv722776d ago

someone who buys an NGP would need to be a paid member of plus otherwise they are SOL?

I can live with that. Pay to play has taken on a different form. Finally something that justifies the service. I may sign up for this if it's true.

DaTruth2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I don't know about this. Games on the the NGP format are 2-4GB; try getting Uncharted 3 or MGS4 in 4GB, not gonna happen!

It's also unlikely this size will ever change, since these flash memory disks use Fat32 and can't exceed 4GB files! Although there is the possibility of having the game in split files or something.

Really can't wait for this thing!

Thecraft19892776d ago

DaTruth why do you think its going to fat32 ? It could just be same as ps3's main file system and that is linux file system.

Of cause NGP games are going to be loads more smaller, high quality sound and and high resolution textures are what make them games so big.

shwiggity2776d ago


you're right about the 4GB files, but i have trouble believing that a game would come in a 4GB file, rather than multiple smaller files which doesn't make this an issue

sikbeta2776d ago

everything is pointing to cross-platform play and that's is so great that I can't wait to try it out, the whole idea is simply awesome...

inveni02775d ago

Cross platform with a "Steam-type" system would be great. At first, I thought cross platform would be limited because there are still only two shoulder buttons on the NGP. But then, I remembered that the back touch pad could be used as analog trigger stand-ins. They wouldn't be perfect, but they'd work okay, I would think.

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MazzingerZ2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Well, we don't even need to predict anything. Kojima talked about that during tha NGP presentartion, that thanks to the specs and cloud storage it's finally possible to do something he had dreamed about, games you can play whether you r home or on the train...not PSN sorts games but games like a MGS title.... he promised to talk more about this on E3, just that fact sets SONY's press conference in the center of attention.

ComboBreaker2776d ago

exclusively for the PS3 and NGP.

Dart892776d ago

That's awesome i wonder if it will work with all old and current ps3 titles cuz i would love to play me some MGS4 when i'm not home.

Swoon2776d ago

True. It would be great if NGP owners get cloud saving for free instead of paying it! I suppose they would allow you to transfes saves over a USB cable, though.

darthv722776d ago

you cant expect everything that comes out for psn to be free. They have to have some items to make the plus service relevant. If you want to do cloud storage and (possibly) game saves from the ps3 to the ngp then you have to pay to play.

drunkonjudgement2775d ago

Define: "Hater's gonna hate"

Definition: comments, any article

While something like this may be "Pretty easy to predict", having confirmation from an internal Sony source(although anonymous) is pretty valuable.

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Chadness2776d ago

Oh, there's always a reason. I think cloud game saves is a pretty cool idea anyway - PS3 or NGP.

allenhpark2776d ago

So does that mean everyone who buys a NGP needs to get PSplus?

JoelT2776d ago

That's a great question and an awesome angle for Sony to play. It's a trojan horse to get people to pick up PS Plus.

Quagmire2776d ago

Of all the features PSN+ had, cloud saves should have been free. Why should I have to pay just to save my games in case my PS3 YLOD's?

darthv722776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

there has to be something of substance to make paying for plus relevant. Otherwise it would just stay the current discount store with free samples. Kind of like costco.

If they offered game saves to be uploaded to the ngp via bluetooth, wifi or direct usb link then the notion of having plus becomes moot.

Just_The_Truth2776d ago

cloud saved my life i just got the YLOD while playing Demon Souls and all hope was lost when it first came out i put most of my game saves on it put haven't updated it since meaning I'd lose all my progress in DS and KS3. For those that haven't played DS it's the hardest most thought provoking RPG i've ever played and if you beat a boss, level up, etc. it's not simple to recuperate the loss and if you send it in to get repair it's sent back with an empty HDD (everything gone pic,vid,saves) so whatever the reason i'm glad we got the cloud when we did. I was also able to get my ps3 to turn on(using gilksy method on youtube) long enough to transfer my pis and update my save to cloud all i need is a PS3.

ash_divine2776d ago

Hey, I have a question about the cloud save thing. Can you save all of your stuff(music or vids) or just game related stuff(like saves and trophies)?

Also can you save game files for any game? Or just the ones that allow you to.(I believe Motorstorm prohibits copying the save data.)

coryok2776d ago

full length movies, no. small movie clips and pictures? i dont see why not. you do have a limit as to how much you can upload, so it makes it impractical though.

i think there have been two games reported that dont work with the cloud feature, i cant remmeber the names, but they were games that didnt sell much and werent big name titles. saves with save protection can be uploaded, so yes, motorstorm and other games such as demon's souls can be uploaded to the cloud

ash_divine2776d ago

That's good to know, thanks man.

Just_The_Truth2775d ago

right now no movies or pics that i know of and most games are compatible(copyrighted or not) right now but all future games will support it all of mines did. If your considering getting it PS+ is more than worth it you get a lot of betas and free games along with exclusive features like auto-downloading and the cloud and i'd expect most things in the future to be the same. It's 50 for a year+3 more months free and every month you get free stuff and discounted things but the later you sign up the more you miss out on in the free stuff department.

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