Analyst: Geohotz suit will deter hackers

News this morning that Sony has secured a "permanent injunction" over George Hotz will deter the hacking community from taking another pass at the PlayStation 3, so says industry analyst Michael Pachter.

The Wedbush Morgan mouthpiece, who was formerly a lawyer, told Eurogamer that the settlement was exactly the outcome Sony would have been looking for.

"Yes, it's a win for Sony," he said.

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Cardenjs2776d ago

Without reading the document, I would believe that hackers would realize that Geohotz, who had donations, still ran out of money trying to defend his "righteous" actions.

Moral? If you want to hack, you better be prepared to live without your electronics and have the funds to defend yourself while in court.

chidori6662775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Sony cannot to stop hackers.

Once a game is is leaked and CANNOT be stopped from being shared by millions.

PS3 rootkey has been cracked and Sony cannot do anything to prevent hackers from running homebrews.

ComboBreaker2775d ago

3.51 and up is secured. Hackers can no longer hack 3.51 and up.

Cardenjs2775d ago

except by changing the filetypes, rendering the rootkey as useless as my middle school student ID, 388500

FailOverHero2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Here's what the moral of the story is: little guy with limited money hacks big company with lots of money product.
Big company with lots of money sues little guy with limited money and wins right? WRONG!!
Big company cannot build strong enough case against little guy and at the same time is pelted by hackivist group and realises the eminent loss will set new precedent and decides to back down.
Lets face it, if SONY thought they could win this then they would not have approached Geo for a settlement.
To summarize: DO NOT HACK SONY PRODUCTS or else SONY will TRY and sue you, fail and then ASK you NOT TO HACK A SONY PRODUCT. I mean just LOL.
All he got for hacking PS3 is a slap on the wrist, how's that suppose to deter anyone?
If you hack our products, we will not allow you to hack our products anymore!! OFFICIALLY! Now that I've put it like that, I'm scared
@major: he also got help from hacking community and ps3 gamers alike with donations. I mean the guy was in South America for a holiday, oh yeah, his life was SOoo ruined.
He had to ask people to stop donating thats how much money he got from people.
Didn't he get like 10 grand in just a weekend? Wasn't there another hacker who got 25 or 12k as well from donations??
Sorry major, all this lawsuit has done is shown hackers that if SONY sue you, they'll run out of steam way before you run out of money which you got from people you don't even know on the internets

MAJ0R2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

lol he was getting sued big time, money doesn't grow on trees ya know

ur life can get completely ruined if you get sued for enough

puertorock_papi2775d ago

Wow talk about trying to make lemonade out of lemon. Let me guess, when you got punched in the face you felt you won cause the guy got a sprained wrist? It was Geo who went for the settlement and now he is not allowed to buy any Sony product ever. Remember his comments of he couldn't wait till NGP and Xperia comes out? Well he's not allowed to buy a NGP or Xperia so he will never be able to hack it. The man can't buy nothing made by Sony.

badz1492775d ago FAIL as always! he got money from random people on the net which he doesn't even know and then agreed with a settlement? what about the fight for free speech? the fight for things he owns? he sacrificed his right for free speech instead so that he doesn't have to deal with Sony in court anymore! and pro hackers are OK with this? after all those donations and the hacking of PS3 is still illegal unlike iPhone! I bet he's planning another vacation with all those unused donation money to go to places! afterall, he doesn't have to tell people where he goes now unlike the time where the lawyers made it known that he went to South America! DONATE TO GEOHOTZ = DUMB!

TBM2775d ago

i didnt help that douche bag, i have better things to do with my hard earned money.

i wouldnt help any of these hackers if they are taken to court and why should i.

ComboBreaker2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

GeoHot getting the Death Penalty. However, Sony is not out to kill GeoHot.

Remember, unlike Microsoft, Sony is not evil. Sony is only out to protoect their intellectual property.

All Hail Sony, The Merciful!!!

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snaz272775d ago

hacking will never, ever end simple... At the very most people will not be so quick to admit it was them, but they can still hack and still release that info on the net... I'm no hacker, but if i was geohot and i wanted to get back at sony i would hack all sony products and just release it on the net via a pay as you go mobile phone sim, and obviously not register it in my name lol... How will sony find out it's him?

rabidpancakeburglar2776d ago

The hackers are arrogant sods though, I don't think that this will hold them back. They might be as stupid as some of the people on here and believe that geohotz won which would only spur them on

kyl2772776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I doubt it will, as many have said, it wasn't the hacking, it was distributing sony's code that got him in trouble.

Octo12776d ago

I believe that it won't "scare" hackers but it would certainly make them think twice about publishing something.

yewles12775d ago

It hasn't scared hackers, only hurt their egos. XD

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