Treyarch, Please Rule Out Black Ops 2 Reflecting a bit on Activision's recent statements that they would not rule out making a second Black Ops title, I've been left wondering why a comment like this was even necessary. It's obvious that Treyarch is going to make a second Black Ops, just as it's obvious that the Call of Duty franchise will rear its head yet again at the end of the year. This sort of statement is purely for the sake of sensationalism, drawing up a bit of attention to the series just to make sure that everyone knows Activision is still around and ready to make money. However, just pretending for a moment here that Black Ops 2 isn't already in production, wouldn't it be better if Treyarch just dropped the title and moved on to the next CoD? In fact, I think Treyarch has a lot to gain from ruling out Black Ops 2.

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Hardedge2781d ago

Ehh, BO2 is coming no matter what. Although it would be interesting to see if Treyarch can create their own franchise that'll rival CoD.

zeal0us2781d ago

Not sure if thats a good idea, Activision/Bobby Kotick been know to sue you or fire you if even a rumor start going a float. Attempt to bite the hand that feeds you and you will get shot.

Already seen what happen to IW top ppl no point of it happening to Treyarch, b/c to Bobby Kotick/Activision they are expendable, look @ IW's Zampella and West those guys been in the industry for a long time and they just get fire. I'm pretty sure If Activision thought they needed them they would of reach an agreement or some sort.

Hopefully Treyarch will update the engine for their next title and add a little change to the gameplay, a little tire of getting knifed from the front while shooting right at the person.

Hardedge2781d ago

I don't get the relation. Whatever game Treyarch makes will be under Activision, why would they sue themselves? It's not like Mark Lamia is secretly job hunting at a rival firm like West and Zampella were.

CameronL992780d ago

And again, another moron who knows nothing about business writing an article about business, and in the process clearly displaying his juvenile ignorance, and pointless hatred towards a game noone ever forced him to buy, idiot lol

zeal0us2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )


They(activision) would fire/sue the individuals, they wouldn't sue the company(Treyarch) seeing as it is their money maker/golden goose.

I'm still not sure about the whole west and zampella case, but what you expect them to do, to take getting put out of their own company laying down without any retaliation.

Making respawn and joining EA was probably the best thing they could of done after being kick out IW.

How do Treyarch go from here? Full game base on the Vietnam War, even though black ops cover/touch a little on it. Korean War? or Something Modern like IW.

plb2781d ago

As a previously way I will buy another Treyarch game especially on PS3.

Fishy Fingers2781d ago

Stick it to the man... Futile as it maybe.

mephman2781d ago

Unfortunately, it's probably going to happen. Can't see them leaving this alone since Black Ops sold so well.

x8002781d ago

how about they make f*** off 2? never am i going to by a Treyarch game with their shit support and crap game.

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The story is too old to be commented.