Uncharted - 1UP's exclusive on-foot and vehicle impressions, video and screens

Last Thursday at around 2:00, 1UP felt a strange sense of relief. This wasn't your standard Thursday afternoon meetings-are-done-for-the-day nap time relief, but the kind that only comes when something you've been worrying about for a long time improves. In this case, it was the confirmation that Uncharted's gunplay is no longer silly and awkward.

In previous press showings, the game seemed to be fighting its animation system. Enemies would recoil when shot and not be able to take a second or third hit until they finished an animation, and the game seemed to want to show off how smooth its platforming animation was at the expense of responsive controls, somewhat like the original Prince of Persia games.

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doomsonyman4052d ago

another great experience for ps3 owners and another nail in the 360s coffin

razer4052d ago

another nail in 360's coffin is a load of crap.

ATLRoAcH4052d ago

I'm here to love Uncharted not hate on the 360.

The Brave 14051d ago


nasim4051d ago

x360 is now fully dead in EU after the ps3 price cut.

Uncharted is truely a nail in the coffin for x360.

more agaony ---PS3 version of COD 4 looks wayy better than the x360 version

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Italianstallion4052d ago

Sounds like the improvements Naughty Dog made to uncharted has really made a big difference and probably has taken this game from AA to AAA.

neogeo4052d ago

The first nail in 360's coffin.

Italianstallion4052d ago

I love my ps3 and will get Uncharted on day one, but I prefer to not mention the other console when ever possible as to not initiate any more flame wars.

jackfatal4051d ago

well didnt u hear they were saying that halo 3 is the final nail on the ps3 coffin??
so its normal to see now some guys use the same words us the other side did (nail in the coffin thing)!
and the 360 fans bashed ps3 and sony so much till we get fed up of these people!
so its natural that u see some people bash 360 with each exclusive!

Sevir044052d ago

those screens look amazing especially the one with his chick on the jt ski in the water with the drum barrel floating in the water. this is what tomb raider wanted to be but couldn't... this and ratchet are the best PS3 games this year and it seems that no other console game looks this good. not even bioshock. i'm utterly amazed at the shear amount of textures they have. they've got it good.

RonDeMuerte4052d ago

First Everyday Shooter, then Ratchet and Clank, and now Uncharted.....haha are they [email protected] with us???.......this is a first.....I knew these games would be great regardless of what 1up had to say.....but if 1up has said so many great things about these PS3 games in such a short period of time....imagine the reviews that are going to be coming in for these games......haha I'm impressed....

assjacket4052d ago

Sounds good to me. This game has been on my radar for a while now but earlier builds kinda ruined the hype with the combat problems and such. It's good to hear that everything is coming together as it nears release.
I really need a new game for my PS3 and this seems to fit the bill.

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The story is too old to be commented.