The 3rd Birthday Is the Eleven Year Letdown

Steve Haske writes, "After waiting eleven years for a new Parasite Eve, though, The 3rd Birthday is something of a travesty—one that has next to nothing to do with the series. The narrative itself is that bizarre mesh of insultingly cliché and overly-complicated nonsense that seems to pervade so many Japanese games these days."

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HeavenlySnipes2805d ago

sucks IMHO. I haven't played a Parasite Eve game but this one makes no sense to even the fans to the series. The game has too many plot holes (the ending was a mindfuck that made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER)

The game aslo doesn't have a proper flow. You just jump from mission to missionfighting the Twisted all the while having no sense of direction or purpose. The characters constantly talk about how its hopeless yet they always send me to go and fight.

The game gets a 6.5 out of 10 because the gunplay was nice.

(PS. I don't get why they think I'll ever play the game again to unlock all the guns and costumes. What is the point?)

e-p-ayeaH2805d ago

now this´s a hater people

Neckbear2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

"(PS. I don't get why they think I'll ever play the game again to unlock all the guns and costumes. What is the point?)"

Uh, I haven't touched this game and probably never will, but...perhaps because -some- will like the game itself, be it gameplay or something else, and have an incentive to replay it and have fun with it?

That's like saying "I don't get why they think I'll ever play the game again to unlock another ending. What's the point?" when discussing another game.

HeavenlySnipes2805d ago

ending is actually worth seeing.

Getting a new sniper to play the 6-7 hour story mode again or a costume that provides no benefits isn't a reason to play the game again.

The only reason why I finished it was to try to understand all the BS they made up in the plot.


Have you played the game? There are so many plot holes.
Was I playing Eve the whole time if Aya didn't shoot her? Is Hyde one of those higher beings? How can he overdive, how can those people have Twisted inside them and transform at will, wtf? Then all of a sudden they are back on your side again. Gabrielle, Cray and Kyle for example, why did the try to kill me then all of a sudden try to hlp me.

People thought MGS4 was fucked up story wise, I didn't play any MG game before it but I understood the game perfectly. This game was a perfect example of a mindfuck. I'd also like to know how eve can exist because if I remember right, she's a clone of Aya. If Aya doesn't exist after the ending then how can Eve exist?

If you guys that are calling me a hater can explain this then I'll by all means admit my wrong.

jeeves862805d ago

I see no one has responded lol.

I can't figure it out, and I'm trying to...I really am. I want to like this game.

But even I couldn't find a whole lot of fun in the gunplay - it got old too quickly.

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firefoxprime2805d ago

@Godmars: I actually like Square-Enix. I know right? How so? Heh. Simply because I play multiple games from different companies(pretty much a no brainer). It also helps that I'm done with rpgs. Only action-rpgs(Tales,KH) appeal to me know. chain ain't pulled when Squenix release mediocre title after title...hehe FFXIII. I just move on.

I was never into those rpgs on ps1/ps2 or even the huge truck load on the ds. So hahaha, sucks for you kids.

Neko_Mega2805d ago

People just don't know how to enjoy a good game uh?

I think this is one of the best looking games on PSP and so far I haven't seen any reason to say it is a let down.

lepolohuevo2805d ago ShowReplies(2)
Neko_Mega2805d ago

No, I just don't have poor taste like more people. Its kind of the reason why I do PC gaming, 360, PS3, Wii and so on.

Godmars2902805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

It started with FFX, but we're just all realizing it now.

You've played the original PE titles? The stories were as contrived, but still understandable.

e-p-ayeaH2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Personaly i think that SE did a great job on the handheld games market these last 4/5 years but definitly is a letdown when it comes to home consoles pretty much since Mr.Sakaguchi left the company almost a decade ago.

Neko_Mega2805d ago

Been playing it on PS3, been enjoying both.

Inception2805d ago

FF X is still Squaresoft, not Square-Enix. And i like FF X. Good story, gameplay, music, and ending.

For 3rd Birthday, i'm enjoying it right now. But i'm agree that the story had a big plot hole, with some repetitive gameplay.

Godmars2902805d ago

Its still when the whole style over substance, cutscene over gameplay imbalance really started to kick in.

Honestly, as much as Sakaguchi is credited for being Square's soul, he was still the guy who bet the company's future on a movie called FF that really had no business being called FF. In Fact the Spirits Within should have been called Invaders from Planet Death.

Please tell me how 3rd Birthday is in any way related to the original Eve incident besides it featuring the main character from them who just so happens to have wholly different abilities and an apparently different background? That's the part that makes me want to bash my head against a wall.

Scyrus2805d ago

game was ok, ending was very wierd and why is eve a little girl when thats aya's twin? second why is eve alive? I beat the game and wonder this stuff. playin it second time and have all weapons unlocked aswell as costumes. i know there is more scenes if u play thru once more so ima try for those to make more sense.

although beatin the game 50 times just for shower scene makes no sense F that lol

Inception2805d ago

Eve is Aya clone and Aya find Eve on Parasite Eve 2. She adopted Eve as her younger sister in the end of PE 2. And not like Aya, Eve's body cannot grow up even though she had the same mitochondria like Aya that makes her always looks young.

Eve alive cause only her who can stop the time paradox by killing Aya.

For the shower scene, no, you don't have to do that ^^. You can complete some feats (or achievement) that you can see it by pressing start (like save the survivor, avoid some enemy's battle, etc). If you can complete some of them, than you can go to the bathroom on CTI office or Maeda's house (in eps 4). Press X on the bathroom than you can see the famous shower scene. But you can do this only once per episode.

Hope that info helps you :)

Scissorman822805d ago

The 3rd Birthday's plot is the aborted baby of Kingdom Hearts. There, I said it.

Homicide2804d ago

It's true. The ending felt like something out of KH2, and it created a huge plot-hole.

This game is awful: annoying camera, terrible controls, cheap difficulty, bland characters (with one creepy pervert), awful story w/ poor storytelling, etc. The 3rd Birthday is one of the worst games this year.