Brain waves from thoughts of sounds used to move cursor

A cursor on a computer screen can be controlled using thoughts about a range of vowel sounds, research has found.

Brain signals have been translated into motion or even pictures before, but the current research showcases a nascent technique called electrocorticography.

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LiquidSnack2808d ago

Looks like they're setting the foundations for the sequels to my much beloved Second Sight and Psi Ops games :D

Raendom2807d ago

They're going to implant these into all future technology to read our thoughts. /tinfoilhat

hazelamy2807d ago

the words "more invasive methods" leads me to believe we're still some way off seeing this coming to market.
at least the games market.
it could have huge potential for people with spinal injuries who can't move anything below their neck, and other debilitating conditions.

Kharhaz2807d ago

This kind of stuff has been around for years, I doubt this works any better.