Review: Shift 2: Unleashed (GameHounds)

Chris Salazar writes:

Shift 2 is not one of those games that you rent because of the unlimited experiences that you can have with it by yourself or against your friends. It’s a game that has long lasting value, and I think many racing fans will find themselves coming back to it six months from now to experience the unique style that it brings to the table. Sure, there are other games that let you do more tuning or have a bigger selection of cars, but none of them have the helmet cam, night venues, or Autolog that Shift 2 has.

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ryan_s2779d ago

i thought it sucked
based on amazon

Quagmire2779d ago

obvious troll is obvious troll

archemides5182779d ago

Commenter is the obvious troll or the review? Have u even played this garbage? It's boat racing on ice, though I can agree it can be hard to believe they screwed it up this bad considering the solid base they had with shift 1 and it's the same developer...but this is a 2/10 game because it is simply unplayable, and not a simulation at all like advertised. The amazon reviews are 100% spot on for the ps3 version at least, and none of us know what these "reviewers" are smoking.

archemides5182779d ago

also i'm thinking u might be a troll