How Not to Make a Sequel

In an industry where boycotts, fanboyism and corporate warfare are just this morning’s news, no force holds as much sway over the success or failure of a gaming franchise as the dreaded sequel. Will it live up to the standard its predecessor set, or will it ruin the series? Is it unique enough to stand apart from its brethren, or is it the same song and dance we’ve come to expect?

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2808d ago

Good points raised, the CoD comment was a little hyperbolic, but that just serves to drive home the point that Activision is milking the franchise.

The critics can go hang. It's no doubt nice to get good reviews, but when dealing with sequels, name recognition and word of mouth are better selling tools. So a sequel should be designed to please the fans and, hopefully, add new ones. So it makes sense to build on the features that made the fans happy to begin with. If it's the story, write one just as good, if it's the characters, continue the original story. If it's the multiplayer, expand it. If it's the level editor, expand that. It's a lot easier said than done, however. Expanding the multiplayer at the expense of the story, you risk alienating fans who were into the story. Building on the story could drive away fans of the multiplayer. It's a fine line, and only a few games have pulled it off. I'll let you decide which ones in your replies.

Chaostar2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

There are a good number of sequels that I'm betting will deliver the goods this year, in no particular order:

Batman: Arkham City, if they manage to deliver all the new features AND improve endgame bosses, this could be a personal GOTY contender.

inFamous 2, level editor, many new powers, improved cinematic story.

Portal 2, Creating a full-fledged game from Portal was always going to be a challenge but Valve seem to have captured the spirit of the original quite nicely. The introduction of co-op is definitely the icing on the cake.

edit: On a side note, Uncharted 3 is in quite a unique position. After all how do you follow up one of (if not THE) most critically acclaimed game of all time? It's one of those titles that I hope they don't muck about with the formula too much. TBH if they kept the gameplay exactly the same, I'd be pretty happy, however that's not to say I wouldn't want improvement if it was possible.

I will be one of the few playing in 3D, I know it doesn't really effect the actual game but at least it's a little bonus that helps with immersion. Hopefully Naughty dog will release more than just a short story trailer (with missing rain) in the coming weeks and we can get a better idea of how it is shaping up.

Quagmire2807d ago

Easy, take what Activision does for every Call Of Duty game, and do the exact opposite!

gypsygib2807d ago

I'd say MW2 ruined the series for me, I loved COD4s SP and MP but MW2 SP was a joke. Then they over did the killstreaks ruining MP.

It's like they took everything that was good in COD4 and tripled it in effect ruining the game. Balance people, balance.

Salt makes food taste better but overdo it and the dish is ruined.