For Glitches and Glory: A Dragon Age II Review

Can a rushed sword and sorcery RPG hosed down in ME2 juice be any kind of good?

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Silly Mammo2802d ago

"During a conversation with Merril, I felt so bad after taking the aggressive stance (and sort of being a dick to her) that I had to reload a previous save and abandon my plans to rival everyone."

I agree with the author about Merril. Being mean to her would be like kicking a puppy.

PooEgg2802d ago

This is a really good review. It covers both the good and the bad of the game.

The only place I disagree is emo-elf, he was my favorite part of the whole game. Fenris was moody, bitter, and difficult to get to know. Friending him felt like a challenge, and I like a challenge.

I also loved that this review pointed out a couple of things that drove me nuts about the game, the junk that was a total waste of time, and the dead people in Fenris's mansion. What exactly was that all about anyway?

Great review!