Portal 2 PS3 No. 1; Xbox 360 SKU No. 6 at GameStop

Valve Corp.’s Portal 2 for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360, and the PC ranked in the top 10 sales at GameStop Corp.’s online division this week amid strong demand for the sequel.

This week, the Portal 2 PS3 SKU ranked No. 1 in best-selling pre-order products at

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plb2806d ago

No surprise there. Portal rocks and so does Valve. April 19th will be an awesome day.

ATiElite2806d ago

I can't believe the PC Portal 2 sku is number 8. That's very high for a game that will be Downloaded from Steam.

plb2806d ago

Valve games always sell very well on PC. Same with Blizzard.

a_bro2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

thats cause Portal 2 PC is being brought on Steam.

Most PC gamers went that route.

on top of that, think of the gamers who have both a PS3 and a PC thats capable of running this game.

ATiElite2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

I said 8 is high because most PC Gamers will just download via Steam instead of going to the store and buying retail.

Portal 2 will do over a million on day 1.

radphil2806d ago

That and the situation that if you get the PS3 version and link your steam account to it, you get the PC version also.

That's the route I'm taking, since I have all the platforms, I'd rather go the route to pay the extra $10 to be able to get 2 versions. :)

Gawdl3y2806d ago

Since that doesn't include digital copies, and the vast majority of PC gamers buy on Steam, chances are the PC version is the #1 most pre-ordered overall.
I'm getting the PS3 version since I'll also get the PC version -- which is great, because then I can play on my PC when my family isn't using it, and on my PS3 when they are.

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dontbhatin2806d ago

well duh. who wants the version that has half the features of the other 3 platforms. im suprised they have that many preorders for the 360.

MysticStrummer2805d ago

That, along with the style of game it is.

dontbhatin2805d ago

im also excited about being able to play mods on the ps3 that pc players create!!

tdrules2806d ago

Which wouldn't have occurred without the free PC version.

dontbhatin2806d ago

not sure about that. i think it would still have the most sales out of the consoles preorders. it just helped the fact that ps3 gets a pc copy. and its not like its gonna be a free voucher or anything, its probably gonna activate once you install portal to the pse and activate your steam account on the ps3, it will automatically add it to your game section on steam. Thats MY OPINION.

MysticStrummer2805d ago

My PS3 version is all paid for, and I have no interest in the PC version. Another blanket statement bites the dust.