CVG - Darkness 2: Will it go from cult hit to blockbuster shooter?

CVG - You've played as a gangster before, but can you remember the last time you played as one with demonic tentacles and an army of minions summoned from Hell itself?

The Darkness is a gruesome take on the FPS genre and a sequel to one of the most original shooters. The original scored a respectable 80% review average on Metacritic, drawing a cult following - enough for 2K to give a sequel the green light. And we're glad they did.

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-Mezzo-2802d ago

The last 1 was incredibly under-rated game, i hope this turns out to be an even better game.

e-p-ayeaH2802d ago

Hope so to.

The original game is fun to play but it had some big flaws mostly like the horrible enemy AI and a unnecessary multiplayer mode but at least the story and atmosphere were good enough to make this game special almost like the original Bioshock.

The Darkness definitly deserves this sequel to improve in what was actually good about it and to not repeat the mistakes of the first one.

AbyssGravelord2802d ago

Either way I know I'm buying it.

Blaze9292802d ago

i dunno about that. new developer and they are already screwing up the game with the art direction they decided on. That alone already changes the atmosphere and a lot more for the game itself. Who knows what else they might screw up. I'll wait to see it in action