Portal 2 Details About Cross Platform Play on PS3

One of major selling points for Portal 2 is the cross platform play between the PS3 and PC. Valve has had an interesting relationship with the PlayStation 3 up until now. An inability to see eye to eye with Microsoft, pushed Valve to incorporate steamworks with the PS3 version of Portal 2. This is what will ultimately facilitate the cross platform play between the two systems.

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rabidpancakeburglar2805d ago

maybe I didn't read it properly but the only detail I could see in this article was that steamworks is what makes cross platform play possible

Fishy Fingers2805d ago

Yep, nothing new here what-so-ever, just one line from an interview which again, is nothing new.

Better off just watching the interview rather than being spoon-feed the same old thing,

DERKADER2805d ago

I was just about to ask where are the details in that article.

BakedGoods2805d ago

That, and the 360 doesn't get cross-platform.

rabidpancakeburglar2805d ago

Yeah but that's another well known fact

Emilio_Estevez2805d ago

Not a single detail to be article fails to deliver the goods.

snaz272805d ago

well it didn't really fail as they got what they wanted, your hit! Lol... Sorry i just had to.

Emilio_Estevez2805d ago

Yup, they did...Shitty part is my work comp doesn't like the site the vid is on so I can't even watch it!

snaz272805d ago

nevermind, by all accounts it's nothing we didn't know already anyway, besides you should be working anyway!! Lol :-)

plb2805d ago

PS3/PC version for me. I just want to know if you have it installed if saves carry over between PC & PS3 cause I'll likely rotate between both.

dontbhatin2805d ago

yes it all saves through steam cloud. thats how they are working with steamworks.

if you own both a ps3 and 360 then there is no excuse not to get it for the ps3. if you are stuck with the 360, get it for the pc. 360 really got screwed on this one.

pr0digyZA2805d ago

Steamworks should allow that, as they would be linked by cloud I believe.

snaz272805d ago

i wonder if this is a one off kinda deal or if it's gonna be implemented on more games from different devs... I've never used steam so i don't know much about it, but why cant this be done for all multiplat games? Would defo put the ball in ms's court that's for sure.

dontbhatin2805d ago

it couldnt be done on the xbox because MS has xbox live so locked down with acessing their servers, MS was actually wanting money from valve to allow them to do it, Sony allowed it without charging, thats why Xbox owners are missing out, thanks to MS's greedy pockets.

ATiElite2805d ago

PC= Steam
PS3 = Steamworks

Portal 2 will allow PC and PS3 gamers to play together (Co-OP) in peace while 360 owners can play with themselves. Sorry but you only have greedy M$ to blame for that.

I'm 99% positive Valve is gonna release a FPS that will allow PS3 and PC gamers to battle one another.

dontbhatin2805d ago

great minds think alike. :)

xAlmostPro2805d ago

That would be awesome, could be mice vs controllers vs move xD

moeqawama2805d ago

I highly doubt it... in this case, it works out great because it's co-op, so the mouse being faster than a controller concept is irrelevant. If they were to make an FPS that allowed what u said, us console players would get slaughtered. The mouse is just too fast and responsive. I would love it if they do make it happen though, that would be a win for everybody

NarooN2805d ago

PS3 has full keyboard and mouse support, so why not?

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Gen0ne2805d ago

Off topic: Move support please. Especially if I'm playing with someone with a mouse. On topic: I think cross platform is an awesome idea. Can't wait.

RevXM2805d ago

Move support, well Im positive to that one. but.
Do as EPIC and let ps3 owners play with M&K.

Im looking quite a bit forward to this VALVE and SONY relationship and all that it may bring in the future.

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