Commentary: Geohot sold out "hackers" with settlement

Sarcastic Gamer's resident lawyer weighs in on the Geohot settlement...

From the article: "Today, in a somewhat stunning joint statement, Sony and Geohot announced that a settlement was in place wherein Geohot consented to a permanent injunction of his activities involving his release of information that allowed people to essentially jailbreak their PS3's. (Read a breakdown of the case here.)

So, all of this fund raising and all of this stuff with Anonymous attacking Sony, was essentially so Geohot could give up and agree to Sony's terms? Sounds to me like he sold all of his supporters out. Read on."

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Karooo2780d ago

he manipulated everyone

LOGICWINS2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

So it seems like Sony's going to win this thing. Not good.

Soooo many people on this site don't realize what this ACTUALLY means.

When Sony wins the case, there going to set a precedent, which means ANY time ANY electronics company sues ANYONE for hacking, they can refer to Sony's case and get an easy win.

If Apple chooses to, they can end Iphone jailbreaks with the snap of finger.

@cgoodno- Really? So I CAN still hack my shit? YAAAAAY! :D Good thing Sony didn't didn't "win". Thx for clearing that up cgoodno

Christopher2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Settlements don't set precedence. Settlements are an agreement between the two parties with terms specified by the prosecution and defense, not the judge.

The only way a precedent would have been set is if the judge had ruled on the case, which did not occur here.

As far as who won, it's up to a matter of opinion. Sony lost because they didn't set a precedent on whether it was illegal or not to modify the FW on the PS3 and yet spent a lot of money and time on the case. Hotz lost because he took in donations to support his ideal and then caved into a settlement that removed what he was fighting for in the first place, which was his right to modify the items he's purchased.

Persistantthug2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Now I don't have to go all into "legal edumacation mode".

Edit in
@LOGICWINS....And for you, instead of getting all "smartass" about it, what would have been honorable would have been for you to say something like,

"You're right, I jumped the gun and I didn't think about that....thanks".

evrfighter2780d ago

I applaud Geohot.

The ps3 fanboys here at n4g were settling for no less than seeing him in prison. He gets off with a slap on the wrist and that my friend is golden.

The little guy 1 Sony 0

LOGICWINS2780d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

@evrfighter- Yeah man, he did us proud. No one technically "won", but Geohot won by the fault since he made Sony agree to a settlement, thus avoiding a new law regarding console hacking.

THAT was the true goal. Making sure that people who modify their electronics don't get handcuffed..and he succeeded.

Geohot's lawyers really did a great job. Very impressed by what they've been able to do.

@Persistantthug- Honorable? Me thinks you take N4G too seriously.

Godmars2902780d ago

That's what LOGICWINS is saying.

Though the iPhone jailbreaking thing isn't the same thing, which was about opening the thing to other cell phone providers. This was about piracy.

Now if he had found a way to open the PS3 to XBL or Steam while disabling it from PSN.

LOGICWINS2780d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

"Sony lost because they didn't set a precedent on whether it was illegal or not to modify the FW on the PS3 and yet spent a lot of money and time on the case."

Sony's goal was to set a precedent..they didn't. Geohot's goal was to MAINTAIN the work of people who want to get the most of the electronics they paid for...he succeeded.

Geohot didn't convince courts to set a precedent to protect hackers who DON'T intend on piracy, but he made damn sure that Sony didn't win either. Considering Sony is a multi-billion dollar company with hot shot lawyers... what Geohot did is unheard of!

Well played.

AssassinHD2780d ago

cgoodno is correct. Settlements do not set precedence. However, Sony did not have to set a precedence in this case. It is already set with the DMCA. Hacking game consoles is still a violation of the DMCA. If anything it was Hotz that failed to set a precedence (like he did with the iPhone).

Christopher2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

***Sony's goal was to set a precedent..they didn't. Geohot's goal was to MAINTAIN the work of people who want to get the most of the electronics they paid for...he succeeded.***


Sony still has DMCA law to back them up just as much as they did prior to the suit. This case was to settle for good whether that still supported them or if it would have been overturned like it was for the iPhone jailbreak.

Furthermore, Hotz didn't at all win for showing that user's rights were upheld considering the fact that he agreed to give away his own rights to do as such.

Technically, you can still hack your PS3 just as much as you were legally allowed to prior to this case. Nothing has been changed other than Hotz gave up his right. Sony in this case gave up nothing other than time and money, they are otherwise still covered by DMCA until another case comes along that would set a precedent to change it.

***That's what LOGICWINS is saying.***

No, he still thinks Sony is going to win. Read his first sentence in his first post. In this case, there really are only losers.

As far as the law is concerned, absolutely nothing has changed. So, there's still the debate on whether the DMCA protects the users or the companies with regard to what Hotz did. Sure, it paints a picture that Hotz is wrong, but there is nothing there to support any cases going forward. No Sony lawyer is going to walk into a future DMCA case of this sort and tout how precedence was set because Hotz settled rather than taking it all the way through to a judge's ruling.

Arksine2779d ago

LOGIC, Hotz does not win by default. What he did was the equivalent of a criminal plea bargain. He essentially admitted that he is guilty, and agreed to Sony's terms. Sony was never out to bankrupt this kid. All they wanted to do was send a message to Hackers that they would protect the integrity of their system.

As Assassin said above me, no precedent needs to be set. The FCC already ruled that smartphones can be unlocked. They also made it clear that their ruling applied to smartphones only. Therefore the DMCA still applies to other devices such as consoles. Its still illegal to circumvent their security.

As a result, Hotz has achieved nothing. Why do you think so many people that donated to him are now pissed?

Emilio_Estevez2779d ago

ok, and...? That has no reprocussions for me or anyone I know.

Persistantthug2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Wasn't it Geohotz that was running on principle and idology?

Geohotz whole premise just blew up.

When the going got rough, ol George broke faster than a Keebler-Elf Cookie.

Calling this a victory for Geohotz is the biggest joke of the day....seriously.

So much for principles and ideology......apparently.

UnwanteDreamz2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Sony got exactly what they wanted. Anyone thinking different is wrong. People who expected this to set a precedent may think no one won but believe for Sony this is a victory.

Comments like this are lacking coherent thought

"The ps3 fanboys here at n4g were settling for no less than seeing him in prison. He gets off with a slap on the wrist and that my friend is golden."

He was never facing jail time smart guy.

InTheKnow2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Geo will write a book and sell the rights to a movie and will be a hero to many. In his spare time under a new name, maybe in a country that doesn't support mega companies like Sony ( CHINA ) it will be his goal in life to hack every and any Sony product to ever be made. This will only teach the hacker community how to hide their dirty deeds better, cover their a$$es and the electronics community can all thank Sony for giving the hackers even more rights and legal angles to use.

Sony lost big and just the lawyers fee's must of been massive for Sony.

With gaming and all Internet related activities now becoming integrated with all electronic devices, this will be a massive mistake for Sony going forward since they make every kind of electronic product and have a lot at stake.

Geo is one face in a sea of faces. The hack came from Sony via one of their own dev kits with unencrypted information that had to come from deep inside Sony. How did Geo get a hold of that equipment? Sony settled because they had just as much a chance as winning as they did losing. If Sony lost to this little kid, how would that look. Who has more to lose, this is a civil trial isn't it?

Geo will be a millionaire now and you can expect some other glory hound to dare Sony to sue them and make them rich. Who cares if he can't " technically " hack a Sony product. That's the same rules he was facing the first time around only this time he will be very, very careful not to use, you know, HIS NAME.

jetlian2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

did win. not so much for himself but for hackers. Most that would have happened is he would owe sony. Instead he can't talk about hacking sony products.

basically sony saying shut up and you won't have to pay us. Sony is banking on him being the link to hacking ps3. So if hes quiet hacks will end!

even if he hacks damages will be low and they still have to go to court over there lawfullness

i'm glad its over tired of hearing about it. my 20gb staying unhacked.

UnwanteDreamz2779d ago

Geo said he wouldn't settle without other OS or compensation for removing it.

He settles without getting anything he wanted and he is the winner?

GeoHot fanboys are deluded.

captain-obvious2779d ago

this was one of the few choices he had

and ti any one that donated to him
i say you need to go check on your head

solidjun52779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

@Deadrecknoning666/LOGICWINS (same person)...I didn't know you were so emotionally invested in this.

ComboBreaker2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Sony won.
Gamers won.

GeoHot lost his rights.
Hackers lost their money.

Enigma_20992779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

... so as long as I don't care about hacking, this doesn't affect me in the least...

I'm not seeing a downside here...

MaxXAttaxX2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

There's a difference between modifying electronic hardware and software you do NOT own the rights to.

@UnwanteDreamz and ComboBreaker:

I agree



zag2779d ago

Hacking in general is still illegal.

Sony have won in this case because if Geohot does any sort of hacking on a Sony product even if he did or didn't then Sony can really go over him.

Geohot was never going to win this case, I doubt the full documents have came out or should I say leaked probably by Sony.

Geohot's lawyers probably worked this deal when he was off on his "holiday" with the court funds given to him.

He'd haven't wanted to get put into jail and that'd be the main reason why he'd have settled.

The real winner is Sony in this case as the case was all held in cali and Geohot didn't get the case moved and ended up having to settle for what ever terms Sony decided.

There's probably a cash deal that Geohot has to pay as well I'd say.

When Sony's shit is hitting Geohot's fan. He was never going to get by, they probably were nice seeing as he has done what he could to comply with Sony's demands.

Now they have the German guy to screw over who's been still hacking the hyper visor etc.

Mahr2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

"Sony got exactly what they wanted"

I am pretty certain that Sony's goals were far larger in scope than assuring that one individual twenty-something would not modify their products in the future.

Shame we did not get that fair use ruling, but on the other hand, the EFF's involvement with the case indicates that they are open to the idea of lobbying on the modding community's behalf two years from now when Congress decides what exemptions to add to the DMCA. Yes, we can.

badz1492779d ago

he permanently can't hack any Sony product ever again and even if he does, he will not be able to take credit like how he likes to do as always! he's no longer free to do anything he wants at least within Sony's products and if he does, he's down for $10k - $250k if tracked back to him! that's definitely not winning in my book!

but after all these shits, all he can manage is a settlement which in oppose of his fight for free speech and full ownership of thing he bought! he instead agreed with a lifetime ban from Sony and hacking the PS3 is still illegal! means that Sony can still drag anybody who is sharing their keys and modifying their sofware to court! there's no legal jailbreak ala iPhone this time around like many pro-hackers were hoping!

he's indeed a Sony's bitch now and allegedly has betrayed those who donated and hoping for him to put a fight!

the lesson here is to never trust a hacker!

Dee_912779d ago

@LOGICWINS if I hack
I wont make it be public
it would be for my personal reasons
not to be some big shot hacker known around the internet
which is what got him in this

you cann hack but when you start releasing stuff to the public Sony or any other corp. should sue

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EYEamNUMBER12780d ago

geohot article number 5 everyone

oh yeah everyone is sooo putting this behind them/ignoring it now...

oohWii2780d ago

You guys need to just shut up. If the guys fights back he's a douchebag; if he settles he's a sellout.

Did anyone ever think that sony was a sellout to settle with the guy after all the crap they went through. Or did they get scared because anonomous was whipping their asses?

That's the problem today, Haters will always find an angle. Always!

EYEamNUMBER12780d ago

no no no silly your not allowed to make sense on the internet that in itself makes no sense

Just_The_Truth2780d ago

whipping their asses buy ordering pizza for them or slowing down website, oh the horror... Sony got what they wanted he can't use a Sony product for life probably that's a big win and now his hack is worthless because they've secured it so he and Anon didn't get a thing they wanted while Sony i'd say that's a win

SuperM2779d ago

They agreed on the settlement on march 31. Anon har nothing to do with this at all

zag2779d ago

I doo think Sony should have kept going, but it really depends on what Sony really wanted and that was probably just to stop him from posting up more stuff on hacking the PS3 or Son products.

I wouldn't worry about the Xperia play it's probably been rooted already anyway by the guys at XDA.

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Istanbull2780d ago ShowReplies(4)
Scary692779d ago

Funny thing is that he sold out his supporters..LMAO Guess it does not take much these days to be a sellout.

hesido2779d ago

I don't think he sold out. He did the wise thing. If he hadn't, he might have had to pay for the "indirect damages" this has done to Sony. Do you know how many 0's can lawyers add to damages? You'd be surprised. There was no point in fighting anymore.

RustInPeace2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

WHO KEEPS "REPORTING" THIS TRASH!? Knock it off already! We don't need 20 articles about this pansy every 5 minutes! It's old already, we get it!
(sorry this isn't really a reply, but this "news" submission, like the 4 before it, are NOT needed because it's not news. If you want to report court cases, please, by all means, bypass this site and post on FOX News, MSNBC, or somewhere else.)

Scary692779d ago

I was thinking the same thing, can we please stop with the GEO news that is no longer gamer news. Sheesh

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GodofwarGoty2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

the end of Geohot has started next will be Annoymus Justice will be Servered

CrazyForGames2780d ago

no one even got in trouble from this

yep that's justice if i ever saw it

Alos882780d ago

Justice will be severed? Sounds painful.

GodofwarGoty2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

LOL the Hackers Will be getting what they deserve sooner then you think

Megaton2780d ago

Consequences will never be the same.

EYEamNUMBER12780d ago

if your quoting what i think your quoting im giving you a bubble

Dart892780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Why people gave money to him in the first place is beyond me.

Edit:@Argo well then we wouldn't have games if they didn't make money.

@Rabid:True lol

And look what happen to them they got shafted i guess the money he asked for was what he used to go on his trip xDDD.

darqwonders2780d ago

Because actually paying for video games would be crazy.

rabidpancakeburglar2780d ago

Quite simply because there are those in society who are a bit slower than others

GodofwarGoty2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

or maybe People have to much money on them that they couldnt just give it to some one poor or something worth giving money to not theses NO LIFE loser

Nate-Dog2779d ago

Well said. All hackers are scum and that isn't going to change. Anyone that believed he was really fighting for gamer's rights and not for forwarding his own name and desires was deluded and they can moan and bitch all they like about giving him money and him wussing out, he was never going to do anything else.

debian_zac2779d ago

watch the video...are hackers still scum?

back to the topic of the article. geohot sold out and i hope the eff finds a way to get an execption into the dcma for video game consoles or for any hardware that is locked to one OEM by software.

Obama2779d ago

I can tell you the people who donated to Geohotz on this site are mostly anti sony to the extreme.

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Fishy Fingers2780d ago

I imagine he was adviced to take the settlement.

Salvadore2780d ago

Isn't the information posted by Geo already avaiable for people to use and what will happen then?

Swiftfox2779d ago

As I am lead to understand, Sony introduced a new system with the "Cloud" update that effectively rendered the originally stolen codes from Sony useless for opening the system. Sony effectively changed the locks, making everything Geohot achieved with the stolen keys obsolete.

Hackers now have to start from scratch except this time under full knowledge that Sony is not afraid to prosecute the individuals responsible.