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Gamestyle: Based on the comic book series you took the role of Jackie Estacado, a mafia hitman who could call upon a special set of skills. Very much a game of its time, the overall experience was enjoyable without proving taxing or upsetting. Yet despite selling over a million units we’ve had to wait until now for confirmation of a sequel.

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Lindsey2687d ago

This is my most anticipated game next to Uncharted 3. The first one is sooooooo good.

SasanovaS19872687d ago

explain to me why my game freezes every time i come to meet butcher at my aunts house?????? now i cant finish the game...pissin me off

Lindsey2687d ago

I don't know. I never had that problem before. The game only froze on me once and it was at the very beginning.

Empire X2687d ago

I agree the first one was really good. I just wish this one wasn't using the comic book look.

Blaze9292687d ago

same here. big mistake in my opinion. Starbreeze set up something good and here they (new developer) go changing ish. idiots

jbiz3202687d ago

want.gameplay video. now.

earbus2687d ago

meh 1st game was lol.